Stylish Tile Renovations: Transforming Spaces with Apollo's Tiles

Nov 28, 2023

Are you thinking about renovating an area in your home? Is tile on your list of must-haves for your backsplash, floor, or accent wall? If yes, then you're in the right place! Today we're going to spotlight some seriously stylish renovations using Apollo's very own tiles! These spaces range from classic to modern and will keep your inspirational meter on overdrive. Read on, and be sure to bookmark this page for later!

A Shimmery Shower Goes From Light & Airy To Darkened Beauty

Okay, okay. We admit it. When it comes to a tile design, especially a shower wall tile design, we love some depth. There's just so much to appreciate about a space that's visually interesting and somewhat serious. So, black tiles will always have an appeal for us.

That's why we had to add this makeover to the list. The home's guest bathroom went from using a light gray glass herringbone tile to our black glass herringbone tile.

All they need now is a few plants, accent decor, and they're on their way to a supremely divine styled space.


Going From Straight and Narrow to Patterned Fun

Don't get us wrong, stacked silver mosaic tile backsplashes are classics for a reason. They have a textural definition that is impeccable. Yet, as this before and after tile makeover proves, sometimes a little geo chic movement makes the difference.

The use of our White Silver 10.4 in. x 10.4 in. Chevron Polished and Honed Glass Mosaic Tile backsplash breathes an en vogue taste to the kitchen. There is a story being told both in the way it is eye-catching and intriguing. Not to mention, the various patterns is a great way to make this otherwise country traditional kitchen pop.

Blue Jean Baby Transforms to Marble Mania

There's nothing wrong with a little blue, but we have to admit, the design pales in comparison to the upgraded space. The use of our diamond marble mosaic backsplash tile and earthy decorative elements transforms the bathroom from bachelor pad to couple's retreat in a heartbeat. Definitely an at-home-spa-approved feeling!


This Transformation Is Hex-Citing!

Subway tiles are always a treat. After all, they are the staples of the interior design world. That said, sometimes a homeowner just wants to have fun. When that happens, we're never going to protest moving away from the standard and into something a bit more…fashionable and edgy.

The backsplash tile refresh of our dreams. This space comes to life with the replacement of the subway tiles with the Gray 11.8 in. x 11.8 in. Hexagon Polished Glass Mosaic Tile. It is uplifting, shimmery, and downright captivating to stare at. A really well-done renovation that will last a lifetime.

A Shell For A More Stylish Shell, Anyone?

We're sure mermaids would agree with us on this one; not all shells are created the same. They are unique and can tell individual stories. Same goes for shell tiles in your home. Every shell can craft an interior that stands out, according to your personal preferences. Like a more creamy tone? Use a mother of pearl backsplash tile.

This before and after tile makeover takes the crown for proving this point correct. The kitchen backsplash goes from pretty classic to pretty ocean chic with our Beige Brown and White 11.1 in. x 11.2 in. Polished Mother of Pearl Herringbone Wall Mosaic Tile.


Privy to Patterned Powder Room Walls

We are definitely torn between this before and after, but we have to hand it to the designer; moving from glossy glass hexagon mosaic tiles in this powder room design to interlocking double weave mosaic marble tiles was a win.

Not only that, the way that they incorporated a whole new design style around the chosen tile deserves a round of applause.

Penny Tiles to Eye-Catching Herringbones

Marble has its place, sure. But, when your aim is to have a transitional kitchen, marble may not make for the longest lasting option to keep up with design refreshes in the future. That's why turning away from the classic carrara penny tiles in this home was a smart idea.

The result with the herringbone glass tiles is a backsplash that adds depth, a beautiful aesthetic, and a transformative look that can ebb and flow with any changes down the line.


A Floral Refresh

Just like in nature, sometimes florals need to be swapped out seasonally. In the case of this bathroom, that proved the right move. Moving from a white and gray floral wonderland to a geometric wooden marble floral backsplash, the design stuns. The homeowner still gets all the beauty of a floral haven while enjoying a fresh bouquet of flowers!

Keep your tiles fresh, some post-tile refresh tips:

Clean the tiles regularly.

Cleaning tiles according to their material is key to longevity. You should make sure that your upkeep is regular to ensure that they last as long as they can. After all, you're investing in a makeover and you want it to stay, don't you? Whether you love cleaning or not, you should find the time.

Regrout them as need be.

This is especially true in the bathroom or kitchen. Backsplash tiles and their surrounding grout can get stained easily. Why? Splashes from sauce or sprays from shampoo. To make sure that things stay as nice as they were on day one, keep the appeal and regrout as need be.

Replace tiles on occasion.

If a tile becomes worn out, you don't have to trash the whole tile design. No! You can replace individual tiles to keep the backsplash tile makeover or shower accent tile wall looking fresh as can be. Trust us, you went through time and money, don't let a few years of wear and tear make you have to repeat it all again!

Final Thoughts: Get Started on Your Apollo Tile Makeover

When it comes to home renovations or making updates to your kitchen or bathroom, there's no one right way to do it. Every homeowner has their own unique taste and style preferences, and that's what makes the world of home design so exciting.

From classic tiles to daring patterns and colors, there's no shortage of options to choose from. The beauty of renovating your home or refreshing a tile backsplash is that you have the power to completely transform the look and feel of your living space. You just need to get creative and make your space your own.

Want a hand finding the perfect tile? Chat with our experts today.

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