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Elevate Ordinary Spaces to Extraordinary with Subway Tile

Styles come and go but our subway tile designs are a timeless classic! Design your way to a beautiful home or business with our exceptional range. Whether you’re adding vibrance to a kitchen or looking to makeover a dated bathroom, our ceramic, marble, and glass offerings are sure to accentuate the best qualities of your space.

Enjoy the best deals, quick shipping, and a finely curated selection of tiling material ideal for a myriad of unique applications.

Elevate Ordinary Spaces to Extraordinary with Subway Tile

Styles come and go but our subway tile designs are a timeless classic! Design your way to a beautiful home or business with our exceptional range. Whether you’re adding vibrance to a kitchen or looking to makeover a dated bathroom, our ceramic, marble, and glass offerings are sure to accentuate the best qualities of your space.

Enjoy the best deals, quick shipping, and a finely curated selection of tiling material ideal for a myriad of unique applications.

Diverse Materials Where Innovation Meets Elegance

Guaranteed superior performance is what our customers have come to expect from Apollo Tile. Each of our ceramic, glass, and marble subway tiles is designed to meet the demands of residential and commercial use.

Our subway tiling products carry a well-deserved reputation for remarkable durability, stain, moisture-resistance, ultra-easy upkeep, and antibacterial qualities.

Not to mention, this tiling style is versatile. Available in both matte and polished finishes, subway tile is a perfect complement to a myriad of design styles. From contemporary and traditional to farmhouse and mid-century. Feel free to order a sample online now and explore our tiles’ intrinsic quality firsthand.

Explore the Many Uses of Stunning Subway Tiles

So where do you begin with subway tile? We enjoy nothing more than seeing our customers express their unique visions in many captivating settings. From showers to backsplashes and fireplace surrounds to patios - this New York City’s iconic feature has an uncanny ability to add a stunning, clean visual that will leave you in awe.

1. Subway backsplash design

The classic white subway tile is still the most fascinating design but has gained new twists to reflect the latest trends in modern living. All it takes is a dash of creativity to craft a look that will never go out of date.

Ideal for mudrooms, laundry rooms, and kitchen backsplashes, a display of subdued elegance is essential for a wall finish that isn’t at all overwhelming. A subway backsplash tile serves two purposes. One: a protective layer able to stand up to messes like spills and splatter. Two: a focal point that catches the eye and reflects your distinct taste.

To add to that, wall tile can set the tone for how you design the rest of your space. Our White 3 in. x 6 in. Matte Finished Glass Mosaic Tile provides a clean, bright canvas for pops of bold personality. Antiek 2.58 in. x 7.9 in. Glossy Black Ceramic Subway Wall and Floor Tile paired with rustic elements create a gorgeous farmhouse aesthetic.

2. Modern bathroom walls

Overhaul your bathroom interior with a new subway tiling feature. Dress shower walls, vanity backdrop, or bathtub surrounds with a finish that’s sure to endure for years—practically and aesthetically. Consider Antique Mirror Glossy and Beveled Glass Subway Tile for a luxurious look. Its beveled edge will wonderfully bounce light around, creating a bright and spacious feel. Or choose Blizzard Blue 4 in. x 16 in. Polished Glass Subway Tile. Paired with white and natural wood tones, the result is a rejuvenating oasis perfect for unwinding.

3. Living room walls

There’s so much that our living room subway tile ideas can do for your space. To create a focal point with added depth and dimension, bring this timeless tiling style to accent walls, fireplace surrounds, or standout architectural features. Add to cart White 4 in. x 12 in. Polished Marble Subway Floor and Wall Tile. Paired with modern furnishings, an elevated sophistication quickly emerges.

4. Timeless shower floors

When choosing flooring material, you need not focus on aesthetic characteristics alone. Tiles should provide essential practicality required for wet areas. Our shower floor-rated subway tiles are built with exceptional durability and resistance to water absorption.

Love the look of subway tiles but searching for something more substantial? Designs like Black 3 in. x 6 in. Honed Marble Subway Wall and Floor Tile are popular picks. Its consistent, low-sheen finish lends understated charm to a master ensuite, steam shower, or hotel bath area.

5. Outdoor design

Summon your creativity to render uniqueness to outdoor settings. The artistry in our collection makes it easy to take patios and alfresco dining areas to new heights. Extend living spaces to the outside with a matching wall tile design. Embrace chic-contemporary ideas with ceramic or elevate modern elegance with marble.

Get Creative With Subway Tile Ideas

At Apollo Tile, we have made handpicking your best color, finish, and size such a breeze. From sleek, modern designs to classic options, our tiling products convey timeless character.

1. Dynamic tile layouts

Subway tile patterns are as versatile as ever! This allows you to customize every aspect of your design and craft a look that’s all your own. The stacked layout means tiles are set beside the other in straight lines to create a crisp geometric finish that lacks no boldness!

Take this look to new heights by opting for a tile and grout combination with high contrast so your installation doesn’t appear as "blended”. A horizontal stacked layout visually widens the walls, making small spaces feel roomier. In contrast, a vertical stacked layout draws the eye upward to give the illusion of more ceiling height.

Not sure whether horizontal or vertical works better for your interior. Well, choose both then! Combining the two layouts can result in a dynamic design finish.

The offset or staggered style bears a semblance to the strong geometric feel of a bricked wall. Tiles are laid with a 50% offset to each other to achieve this classic layout. Staggered tiling is capable of astounding with its unfading vintage feel and yet complements modern décor flawlessly. White tile and dark grout truly amp up the distinct vibe of this layout.

Experiment with subway tile herringbone pattern to change up your style! Rectangular tiles are set against each other at a 45-degree angle, creating enhanced pizzazz.

2. Flat and beveled subway tile

Whether you want a nice smooth and flat finish or a beveled edge to bounce light around, we’ve got you covered. Choosing between the two is a matter of taste. Often, a beveled slope adds just enough detail to accentuate the depth of your tile design.

3. Dimensional tile feature

We are loving the movement toward dimensional tile surfaces. There's something about the visual texture of this feature that makes interiors all the more interesting. Take Antiek 2.58 in. x 7.9 in. Glossy Black Ceramic Subway Wall Tile. Its raised surface detail adds a new sense of movement without having to do much. Shop our dimensional subway tiles today and let your wall design be the star of the show.

4. Explore different sizes

Our subway tile sizes range from petite and graceful to large and lively rectangular shapes. Find dimensions of 1.97x7.87, 2x8, 2.58x7.9, 2.5x8, 3x6, 3x12, 4x12, 4x16, 5.2x5.2, and 8x16 inches—with or without the beveled edge.

5. Discover a myriad of colors

Far from boring, our neutral offerings add understated flair to just about any design aesthetic. Choose from matte whites to enigmatic black to create captivating interiors. Pick polished shades of green or blue for a stellar statement. These nature-inspired hues lend themselves effortlessly to rejuvenating spa-like bathrooms. Shimmering silver will impress with its decadent appeal.

Installation and Maintenance

We recommend enlisting a skilled tiling installer with prior experience. However, DIY enthusiasts can achieve a professional finish with these simple steps:

  1. Make sure to use high-quality adhesive and grout specified for your area of installation. Upon receiving your subway tiles, unbox and inspect your order.
  2. Prep the sub-surface, ensuring it is leveled, sound, and free of dust and moisture. Apply the adhesive using a notched trowel. Work in small areas and in the same direction so no air pockets are formed.
  3. Press the tiles down into the adhesive to the correct level. Use your hand or a rubber mallet to avoid chipped tiles for this step. Wipe away any adhesive from the tile surface before it hardens. Installing a trim to the edge of the tiles results in a clean, seamless finish.
  4. Use a level as you lay tiles to keep installation straight. In the same breath, tile spacers ensure a uniform gap between the edges. If cuts need to be made, we recommend a wet tile saw with a diamond blade.
  5. Once the adhesive is set, use a grout float to fill the joints. Remove excess with a damp sponge before it dries. For every floor installation, avoid foot traffic for at least 24 hours.
  6. Marble tile isn’t 100% impermeable. This means sealing during and after installation is necessary to protect against stains and moisture. Grout should also be sealed for longevity and easy cleaning.
  7. To keep installation looking its best for years, use a mild pH cleaner to remove dirt, buildup, and soap scum.

Get Started on Your Tiling Project

At Apollo Tile, we are proud of our unique designs and proud of the customers who choose us to bring their projects to life. That’s why, we want you to start your tiling journey with us!

Professionals and DIY enthusiasts can sign up for a PRO account to achieve project success on time and on budget. Your membership allows you to enjoy exclusive benefits including:

  • 10% saving on our unique selection of subway tile offerings
  • Access to your account in 24 hours so you can start shopping
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Our friendly and passionate customer service is ready to help you get the most out of your shopping experience. For more information call us at +1-415-316-0898 or drop us an email at

Frequently Asked Questions about Subway Tiles

1. Can I order subway tile samples?

Of course! We want to make sure you find the ideal match for your home, hotel, restaurant, or spa project. Our sample service merges easy online shopping with the convenience of a tile showroom. Right in the comfort of your home! Shop samples online now to visualize the color, finish, and detailing in your space.

2. What’s the difference between subway and metro tile?

Subway tiles are often called metro tiles. These two terms are used interchangeably to refer to rectangular, brick-shaped tiles.

3. Is subway tile good for a kitchen backsplash?

With roots dating back centuries, subway tile has always been a staple in kitchen design. Our products are sturdy, approved for moisture-prone areas, and won’t be prone to chipping or cracking.

4. What is the most popular subway tile color?

White has always been favored for its pristine look. But we’re seeing home and business owners lean towards colorful picks for some creative expression. Our greens and blues make quite an impression while black does well in injecting a touch of drama.

5. Can I use subway tiles on both walls and floors?

Yes. We have a few options rated for shower flooring like Green 2.58 in. x 8 in. Polished Ceramic Subway Tile. Always check “Areas of Use” to get the application right.

6. How do I finish the edges of my subway tile?

Your subway tile corner can be given a professional finish with a matching trim. Some types of trim are pencil liners and bullnoses. Browse our trim tiles online or contact us and we can help you look at options.

7. Where can I find the best subway tile for sale?

You have come to the right place! Our provision includes a unique selection at unbeatable prices—all in one convenient place. Start browsing to find tiles that reflect your style. For any requirements or questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.