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Create Beauty with the Timeless Charm of Multi Shaped Tiles

Shop online now from our fabulous selection of multishaped tiles! With countless colors, sizes, finishes, and materials, there’s no easier way to get the coveted wow factor. Our patterned tiles are perfectly suited for interior design projects across a wide range of industries including residential, commercial, hospitality, office, and retail.

Create Beauty with the Timeless Charm of Multi Shaped Tiles

Shop online now from our fabulous selection of multishaped tiles! With countless colors, sizes, finishes, and materials, there’s no easier way to get the coveted wow factor. Our patterned tiles are perfectly suited for interior design projects across a wide range of industries including residential, commercial, hospitality, office, and retail.

Choose from chic porcelain to add eye-catching style to walls and floors. Or our personality-filled 1x1 mosaic tiles for a radiant finish that’s timeless yet on-trend. Designs like Snow White 10.8 in. x 10.8 in. Polished Kaleidoscope Glass Mosaic create original interiors. You’ll love the large format style of Aureate 23.44 in. x 23.44 in. Natural Light Blue Porcelain Square Tile, which adds depth to bathroom walls or larger floor areas. While the semi-gloss finish of Splendor 24 in. x 48 in. Lappato Green Porcelain Rectangular Tile injects a layer of glamorous flair to entryways, hotels, spas, and more.

Ready to create the look you’ve always envisioned? We have a sample service just for you! Feel free to order up to 2 samples per product so you can experience quality and detailing firsthand. Sign up for our newsletter today and get the latest on new product arrivals, plus 5% off your next order!

Shop Stunning Multishaped Tiles Today with Apollo Tile

There are plenty of reasons to love our multishaped wall and floor tile selection. Discover high-quality coverings designed to inspire creativity and elevate your interior design project. From modern to traditional, farmhouse to vintage, Moroccan to Scandinavian, defining your unique style has never been easier.

Create a spa-like bathroom at home with a palette of blue and green tones. Add authentic warmth to an all-white kitchen with a wood-look floor design. Or make customers want to linger with truly captivating restaurant decor. Sheer variety and vast design possibilities—that’s Apollo Tile!

Explore Stylish, Versatile, and Durable Tile Material

We carry a variety of tiling materials, each with unique features. With the charm of glass, the durability of ceramic, the hardness of porcelain, and the enduring appeal of marble, you are sure of outstanding performance you’ll enjoy for years.

Experience not just beauty and style, but the transformative impact of tile that is long-lasting, stain- and water-resistant, hygienic, and easy to clean. The remarkable strength of our multi-shaped porcelain tiles' makes for a great fit in high-traffic areas and outdoor applications.

To ensure a perfect finish, it's important that your new tiles are installed in the right “area of use” and properly cared for. Marble tiles, in particular, are porous and require sealing to stand up to areas that are in frequent contact with water, humidity, and steam.

Discover Endless Style Possibilities with Multishaped Tiles

Our eye for detail and commitment to quality means you can trust us to bring you a beautiful range of tiles across all styles. Whether you’re designing a new kitchen backsplash, refreshing a dated fireplace surround, or elevating the bathroom with eye-catching multi-shaped shower tiles, our products are the perfect foundation for a timeless aesthetic.

From modern white field tiles to on-trend mosaics to wood-look planks, we’ve got plenty of inspired ideas. Go on, explore all styles and make your best pick!

Vast color choices to match your style

Soothing and sophisticated, our selection of neutral tiles is a brilliant choice for any room, big or small. Choose white patterned tiles for a crisp and clean finish. Designs like Cotton White 11-in. x 12.7-in. Polished Marble Mosaic and Imprint 11.81 in. x 35.46 in. Matte White Ceramic Large Format Tile work beautifully as a neutral backdrop or a standout feature. Best of all, white works with just about any color and any décor style.

Other neutral offerings that are just as timeless include beige, brown, gray, and black. These allow infinite styling possibilities and can be the perfect match for modern, vintage, farmhouse, and traditional interiors.

If you’re feeling daring, lean to our bold and vibrant range! Choose from a generous palette of green and blue mosaics for a coastal vibe. Take it from us—once laid on shower walls and bathtub surrounds, a drop-dead gorgeous oasis awaits!

Red, pink, and orange glass floor and wall mosaics are the type of tiles you’d find in a Spanish or Moroccan-inspired hideaway but work just as well in modern spaces. They’re full of crafted charm with an iridescent glow that’s great for a small kitchen or power room.

If you prefer a metallic touch, our small but perfectly formed gold and silver tile selection draws the eye like no other! Enjoy a luxe and captivating look with tiles that sparkle with style!

Bold patterns for a truly striking statement

A mix of abstract and irregular patterns forms our extensive selection of multi-shaped mosaic tiles. Customers appreciate mosaics for their touch-me texture and whimsical appeal.

Discover cutting-edge designs that mold themselves to the shape of walls and floors in kitchens and bathrooms. Mosaics are small enough to make stunning decorative borders or insets, and impactful enough for an entire feature wall.

Whether you love an eclectic look, a monochromatic statement, or a subtle blend of hues, our dainty mosaic pieces are certainly big on style. They come mounted on sheets and ready for installation. Sheet sizes include 9.30 x 10.60, 10.7 x 12, 10.8 x 10.8, 11.7 x 15.2, 11.4 x 11.4, 11.6 x 11.6, 11.7 x 11.7, 11.8 x 11.8, 12.2 x 12.2, and 12.7 x 12.7 inches.

Beautiful field tiles for a timeless look

Ultra-modern and undeniably versatile, our large-format tiles are guaranteed to deliver a wow factor. Shop affordable field tiles and get them delivered to your door!

This stunning range includes hardwearing porcelain which can be laid on walls and floors—indoors and outdoors! Our products are made to enhance any room by creating a spacious feel. If you like elegant, understated style, you’ll enjoy the tiles’ designs in their best form, thanks to fewer grout lines.

Choose from customer favorites like Imprint 11.81 in. x 35.43 in. Matte White Ceramic Tile and Imprint 11.81 in. x 35.48 in. Matte White Ceramic Large Format Wall Tile. For a look that marries the authentic beauty of hardwood with the outstanding durability of porcelain, Matte Brown Porcelain Large Format Wall and Floor Tile is your best bet. And if you’re after that seamless indoor-outdoor finish, carry the same wood-look tile onto your patio design.

Get Started on Your Tiling Project

At Apollo Tile, our selection of multi-shaped tiles is guaranteed to elevate ordinary spaces to extraordinary. We are dedicated to providing the best quality material at a competitive price. To complement this, our dedicated team works around the clock to ensure a pleasant online shopping experience. From sampling and ordering, right through to the finish, we strive to exceed your expectations.

In addition, we’ve developed a range of perks to help you look forward to your next project. Exclusive to building and interior design professionals, our PRO membership gives you access to the best deals. Sign up now, get verified within 24 hours, and enjoy 5% off your next order!

Call us at +1-415-316-0898 or drop us an email at for any questions you may have and we’ll guide you through any tile shopping dilemmas.

Frequently Asked Questions About Multishaped Tiles

1. What are multishaped tiles?

Multishaped tiles are a mix of abstract and irregular patterns. Our range features eye-catching mosaics pre-mounted on mesh sheets for an easy install. We also carry ceramic and porcelain field tiles with a graphic finish that adds character to any décor style. All our stunning coverings come in countless colors, finishes, and sizes to suit different tastes and budgets.

2. What materials are available in this range?

Ceramic, glass, porcelain, marble, and metal: they are all remarkable materials with distinctive qualities. Our product offerings can be used in both residential and commercial spaces. The type of material you choose should feature the best properties for your specific project needs. Always check “Area of Use” before making your pick.

3. Can I order tile samples with Apollo Tile?

Definitely! We believe you should get hands-on with your favored tile before making a large purchase. Our sample service allows you to look, touch, and feel the tiles firsthand. Getting samples delivered to you is easy. Simply choose your product, add to cart, and proceed to check out.

4. How long does it take to set up a PRO membership account?

Our PRO membership is accessible to professionals including contractors, interior designers, and architects. Sign up using your business details and get verified in 24 hours. Receive 10% discount on all products as soon as you get access to your account.

5. Are multi shaped backsplash tiles durable and long-lasting?

Yes! When you shop with us, rest assured that your new tiles are a long-term investment. Despite its delicate appearance, a glass mosaic backsplash is exceptionally durable and resistant to scratches, stains, and moisture. Likewise, porcelain, ceramic, and natural stone are made to last and are easy to care for.

6. Can I DIY install multishaped mosaic tiles?

While we recommend consulting a tiling contractor, it’s possible to achieve a professional look through DIY installation. You’ve ordered new tiles and have decided on your laying pattern— what do you do next?

Start cleaning the subfloor or base, ensuring it is sound, flat, smooth, dry, and dust-free. Choose quality adhesive and grout for a tile design you can enjoy for years.

Just before you start, dry lay your mosaic sheets to get the overall view of the end result. This step also helps to think about cuts and make necessary measurements. Use a pencil and level to draw a starting point that will guide the correct positioning of sheets. Spread the adhesive in small sections and place the first mosaic sheet.

Use your hand or a rubber mallet to level the sheets down into the adhesive. As you progress, make cuts where necessary using a wet saw or tile cutter. Make sure tiles are running straight and use a damp cloth to wipe adhesive off the surface before it hardens. Leave to set for at least 24 hours.

Use a float to fill grout into the gaps, removing access as you work. Once the grout has almost set, give your tiles a light wipe until you’ve cleaned the grout haze. Then allow the application to set. To complete, use clean water and a sponge to remove any steaks. Follow up with a dry microfiber cloth to give your new tiles a good shine.

7. How do I clean and maintain my new tiles?

For daily cleaning use a combination of water and a tile cleaner. Avoid non-abrasive cleaners that might scratch or scuff your tiles. For a long-lasting installation, make sure to follow the manufacturer's cleaning and maintenance instructions.