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Create Backyard Envy with Stunning Pool Tile

For a stunning swimming pool experience, the superior performance of tile is unmatched. Our collection of pool tiles is sure to make a splash. Stylish, durable, and easy to maintain, what’s not to love? Shop now for the perfect product fit for residential and commercial indoor and outdoor pools!

Create Backyard Envy with Stunning Pool Tile

For a stunning swimming pool experience, the superior performance of tile is unmatched. Our collection of pool tiles is sure to make a splash. Stylish, durable, and easy to maintain, what’s not to love? Shop now for the perfect product fit for residential and commercial indoor and outdoor pools!

Why Choose Apollo Tile’s Pool Tiles

When aesthetics and practicality combine, the result is stunning and long-lasting. Apollo Tile’s swimming pool tiles are just that. Here are the benefits you can expect:

  • Remarkable durability to stand up to heavy pool use
  • A myriad of colors, patterns, and sizes to suit all needs
  • Long-lasting quality suited for all-weather climates
  • Hygienic, non-porous, and slip-resistant to ensure safety

Explore Our Vast Selection of Pool Tiles

We understand your unique needs and our goal is to provide the perfect products at the best prices. From high-strength materials to beautiful colors and patterns. Find a collection packed with statement pieces that will add instant style points.

Discover a variety of materials

There’s no reason why pool-rated tiles shouldn’t last for decades! We make shopping easy with our selection of porcelain tiles. Unrivalled performance and distinct beauty-two qualities you can expect. Its resistance to stains, fading, and scratches makes it a great choice to thrive outside. Plus, non-slip porcelain tiles are hygienic and easy to clean.

No doubt about it, glass mosaic tile for swimming pools is the finest of the kind. Its iridescent quality is like a spellbinding jewel that adds a refreshing aesthetic. What’s more, glass mosaics are low maintenance and can withstand sudden temperatures.

Expand your design horizons even more with our curated natural stone selection. Designs like Beige Polished Natural Stone Marble Basketweave Tile add natural beauty. Marble is durable and slip-resistant. Regular sealing will maintain its exquisite appearance and ensure longevity.

Choose your perfect size

When revamping your pool area, the right tile size impacts aesthetics. Our swimming pool tile sizes for mosaic sheets include 10.8x10.8, 11x12.6, 11.5x11.5, 11.8x11.8, 11.9x11.9, 10.2 in. x 11.7, 12x12, and 12.4x12.6 inches. Individual square and rectangular tiles measure 6.5x6.5 inches and 4.3x13 inches respectively.

Unlock a wide range of colors

We know a good pool design when we see one! Whether at home, spa, or resort, a getaway-worthy pool tends to be the center of attention. Shades of blue are a popular pick but other dazzling hues are also coming into vogue.

Now, the process of discovering your ideal tile has become easy with our range of colors:

Blue lends an alluring, quintessential look. It’s a fantastic color choice to complement the sky, the water, and the surrounding landscape. Create a coastal feel with Sky Blue Penny Round Polished Glass Mosaic Tile. Give more depth with vivid Cobalt Blue Polished Herringbone Glass Mosaic Tile.

White adds an extra dimension of style and sophistication. Designs like our White Polished Glass Mosaic Tile reflect light to create a feeling of openness.

Gray is a timeless choice that ensures your pool remains elegant for years. This color is perfect for modern and contemporary outdoor settings.

Beige and brown are an excellent pick for an organic and rustic feel. Take Beige and Brown Polished Natural Stone Marble/Travertine Linear Tile. It is sure to add an organic touch that blends well with the surrounding landscape.

Black is daring and dramatic—but can also lend sophisticated flair. Create a monochromatic contrast look with our Black and White Hexagon Polished Glass Mosaic Tile.

Create an impression with pattern

Make a splash both in and out with our unique swimming pool tile patterns. Geometric shapes are popping up everywhere and we want you to stay ahead of the curve. Immerse yourself in a world of possibilities with gorgeous pool tile patterns:

Herringbone tiles have been adorning floors and walls for years. Their sophistication remains undiminished. And if you desire enhanced practicality, this zig-zag pattern is for you

Square and rectangle tiles have a defining characteristic that’s clean and simple. These classic shapes are a beloved choice for understated elegance.

Penny-round tiles are a testament to the enduring beauty of simplicity. Chic and understated, this round shape allows for a wide range of style possibilities.

Hexagon tiles are a definition of modern elegance. Whether used to resurface an entire pool or waterline, this chic pattern offers visual harmony.

Multishaped tiles are ideal for an unforgettable look. Designs like Tiffany Blue Pebble Polished and Honed Glass Mosaic Tile add a dynamic style statement.

Design Inspiration and Tips

The best swimming pool experience offers a stylish and inviting vibe to entertain. And with our captivating pool tiles, these ideas have never been easier to create:

Stunning waterline detail

Emphasize your pool’s waterline with a touch of artistic flair. This most visible space serves as an extra flourish of detail. Choose from our amazing pool-rated mosaics and get ready to step into luxury.

Elevated water feature

The beauty of outdoor tile extends well beyond the swimming pool. Use a stylish finish to craft a beautiful waterfall feature. Switch things up by choosing a different material to your pool for an elevated finish.

Striking design contrast

Experiment with contrast by choosing different tile materials for different surfaces. Juxtaposing finishes creates a dynamic look that keeps the eye coming back for more.

Installation and Maintenance

We recommend working with a licensed tiling contractor to achieve a professional finish. Tile application requires the right preparation and tools for the best result.

Inspect the pool and ensure the surface is sound, stable, and free of dust. Make sure to use the adhesive specified for your chosen product. Apply adhesive with a trowel as you progress to prevent it from drying. Place the tile and apply firm pressure.

If you need to cut tile, we recommend you use a wet saw with a diamond blade. Once done with the application, allow the adhesive and tile to set for about 24 hours. Fill joints with grout and wipe excess from the surface using a wet sponge. Let your installation set completely.

Once you have transformed your pool, adopt a cleaning routine. We recommend specialist cleaning products to remove dirt and buildup. Heavy pool use may need a gentle scrub with a soft brush. Avoid abrasive cleaners or tools that may scratch the tile surface.

Get Started on Your Tile Project

Explore our vast collection and start your tiling journey today! At Apollo Tile, we strive to ensure your online shopping experience is a pleasant one. Trust our pocket-friendly products to make completing your project a breeze.

If you can’t decide which tile is right for you, clear all doubts by ordering a sample online. To place your order, select your product then click “Order a Sample” and proceed to check out. Feel free to reach out and our friendly customer service will help you.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Pool Tile

1. What are the different types of pool tiles?

Apollo Tile has a large selection of pool-rated porcelain, glass, and marble tiles. It’s important to pick material that is water- and slip-resistant.

2. Can I use shower tile for pools?

In some cases, yes! Shower tiles used for pools should have low water absorption ratings. Not all shower tiles work for outdoor application. When shopping for tile, make sure to check “Area of Use”.

3. Are pool tiles slippery when wet?

The good news is that our pool products feature slip-resistance properties. Resulting in the best grip underfoot.

4. Can I install pool tiles in other areas?

Yes, these tiles exceed standards for interior applications. Pool-rated tile can work on shower floors and walls, as well as kitchen backsplashes.

5. Do I need a tiled waterline detail?

A waterline is essential and does more than provide a stunning finishing touch. This 6-inch band around the perimeter of the pool keeps this area from having a dry, washed-out look. Style-wise, the design possibilities are vast.

6. Can I tile the area around the pool?

You can! Extending tile out of the pool accentuates the beauty of your design. Blue and Beige Matte Finished Subway Recycled Glass Mosaic and Gray Matte Porcelain Tile can create a distinct look that’s sure to impress.

7. What are some popular pool tile patterns?

We have many different patterns to choose from. Classic shapes like square and penny-round lend enduring beauty and sophistication.

8. Can I install outdoor tiles on concrete?

Our tiles are a premium finish for concrete pools. Ensure the concrete is solid and cured before placing your tiles.

9. Where can I find the best pool tile for sale?

Apollo Tile is a premium online destination for an incredible range of pool tiles for sale. Our offerings include glass, porcelain, and marble. Browse our selection now to find material that reflects your unique style.