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Elevate your Tiling Design with Pencil Tile Trim

For a wide variety of pencil tile trim ideas, think Apollo Tile! Our ceramic, marble, and glass materials for all your finishing touches are of the best quality the market has to offer. With a selection this good, you won't have to search elsewhere to find what you need. Show off impeccable taste with a backsplash and shower wall finishing detail that’s sure to look great for years.

Elevate your Tiling Design with Pencil Tile Trim

For a wide variety of pencil tile trim ideas, think Apollo Tile! Our ceramic, marble, and glass materials for all your finishing touches are of the best quality the market has to offer. With a selection this good, you won't have to search elsewhere to find what you need. Show off impeccable taste with a backsplash and shower wall finishing detail that’s sure to look great for years.

Buy Online Pencil Tile Trim with Apollo Tile

As the name suggests, a pencil trim is a slender strip that serves as the final component to give your tiling design a refined closing detail.

Sure, picking out finishing pieces may seem like yet another job, but it’s a step not to miss. Just like the right frame makes a piece of art, marble or ceramic pencil tile trim ties an entire design together. Create a standout decorative border or polished transition between different tile surfaces.

On a practical note, framing the perimeter of a new floor or wall design prolongs installation. It smoothes raw edges, preventing chips and cracks, and guards against moisture.

Pencil Liner Tile Trim Material with a Purpose

Explore our finest range and enjoy a whole host of everything you need to complete your space. Available in many styles and materials, our trim pieces complement traditional and modern tastes and have matching standard tiles. We have a selection suitable for floor edge finishing and vast options exceptionally good for wall installation.

Add an exquisite touch with our glass, marble, and ceramic offerings. Like standard tiles, these materials are ideal for both residential and commercial use. Expect rigorous standards of craftsmanship: outstanding durability, moisture resistance, hygiene, and easy upkeep.

At Apollo Tile, we understand that seeing and touching material firsthand is a vital part of the design planning process. To decide on the best tiles for your unique project, feel free to order a sample online now.

What Pencil Trim Styles Are Available for You?

If tiling your walls and floors and looking for that polished end or transition, stylish and functional pencil trim is a perfect finishing detail. Offered in flat liners, dimensional, and rounded bullnose, our edge treatment options come in a variety of sizes, colors, and finishes to create any look you can dream up.

Looking for something simplistic? We got you covered! Choose from our pencil liner tile trim products for an understated finish. This trim type has a flat, thin profile that lays flush with the tile, resulting in a sleek and contemporary aesthetic.

Not excited about a flat, cylindrical profile? Prefer giving your design more depth? We’ve got options for an elaborate look! Pencil trims with a rounded or bullnose edge add a touch of pizazz ready to make a visual statement. Designs like Light Gray 1.25-in W x 7.9-in L Ceramic Pencil Bullnose Tile Trim can be a striking feature by contrasting with tile or blend in by choosing a matching style.

Explore a Range of Colors, Finishes, and Sizes

Looking to capture an understated modern finish? Or maybe you fancy the timeless beauty of marble. You’re in luck! Bring your vision to life with our curated selection of pencil trim styles available in varying colors, finishes, and sizes.

Get creative with matching tile and trim for a cohesive look or mix and match for an interesting contrast - the design possibilities have no limit.

Choose glossy white trims for a pristine finish. Our White 0.6-in W x 12-in L Best Glass Glossy Pencil Liner Tile Trim will complement White 11.8 in. x 11.8 in. 1 in. x 1 in. Polished Glass Mosaic Tile wonderfully. Lean to beige and brown for quiet confidence, black for a touch of drama, or gray to infuse timeless flair.

Our blue offerings include Blizzard Blue 0.6-in W x 12-in L Glass Matte Pencil Liner Tile Trim which adds a nice finishing detail to matching Blizzard Blue 3-in. x 12-in. Matte Finished Glass Subway Floor and Wall Tile.

Eager to complete your farmhouse kitchen design? Wood Brown 0.6-in W x 12-in L Glass Glossy Pencil Liner Tile Trim adds a perfect finish to varying wood look tiles. The same finishing piece can be used for an eye-catching accent when paired with white, beige, or brown tiles.

When the question of dimension arises, you’ll be happy to find out that we offer varying pencil tile trim sizes including 0.47x7.87, 1.25x7.9, 6x6, 6x12, 8x12, 1x8, and 1.25x7.9 inches. The general guideline is to choose a pencil liner that will stay flush with your tiles.

Ways to Bring Lasting Style with Pencil Trim Pieces

Below are the best practices for using trimming pieces to take your design to new heights:

  • Add a finishing touch

    Use our quality trims to soften the hard edges of almost everything! Add a flawless closing detail to shower walls, floors, and backsplashes or extra character to fireplace surrounds. Dimensional pieces like Black 0.8-in W x 12-in L Marble Honed Pencil Liner Tile Trim emphasize depth and texture.

  • Craft a decorative border

    Enhance the beauty of your new tiling design with an intriguing accent border. Install around the exquisite craftsmanship of a shower niche or emphasize a carpet tile design. Whether you choose cylindrical, curved, or dimensional, tile finishes can be aesthetically appealing and functional in equal measures.

  • Create seamless transition

    Create a polished visual transition between different tiling materials with gorgeous Cloud Gray 0.8-in W x 12-in L Marble Polished Pencil Liner Tile Trim. A thoughtful transition to form a unified environment is where our stunning products excel.

  • Connect indoor and outdoor living

    Utilizing trim pieces to create a floor design between the indoors and outdoors can enhance your aesthetics. This works magic for both matching and contrasting tiles.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Pencil Tile Trim

1. Can I add tile trim after tiling

Adding a pencil liner will give flair to your new design. To complete this process, you will need to choose a finishing piece suitable for your area of application. It’s worth noting that, like standard tiles, certain edge material is suitable for shower walls but not floors. Others are rated for both surfaces while some options can be installed in the bathroom but not the steam room. When shopping online, make sure to check “Area of Use” to ensure the product lines up well with your design needs.

2. Is edge tiling material necessary?

Pencil trims are necessary for both aesthetic and practical reasons. They add a professional and impressive finish. At the same time, they seal your installation against moisture, prevent chipping, and cover sharp hazardous edges.

3. How does a pencil liner work?

A pencil liner can be used to provide a seamless transition where tiles meet or as a closing detail for corners and edges. Whether adding detailing to a stunning shower wall, a decorative accent around the fireplace surround, or a backsplash border design that is as beautiful as it is functional, we have the perfect trim for every project.

4. What pencil trim styles are available?

Protective and decorative edge trims are available in many design variations. From matte, plain hues to honed marble to wood glass finish. Be inspired by Apollo Tiles’ product range for commercial and residential use. Browse our collection and shop now to complement your creative tile design.

5. What is the best material for tile trims?

Just like selecting standard tiles, make sure to invest in quality trim you can trust. We carry finishing pieces in glass, marble, and ceramic with robust strength and durability that will stand the test of time.

6. How do I determine how much trim to shop for?

To determine how much pencil trim you need to complete your project, we recommend the total measurement in linear footage. To do this, measure the length of each side of the surface where it is to be installed and divide the total by the length of your trim. Make sure to invest in extra pieces to give yourself room for error.

7. How do I install pencil trims for a professional look?

To start application, spread and even out adhesive on the edges where the trim will be applied. Press the pencil liner into this place to the correct level, ensuring the trim and tile flush to form a smooth, professional look. Repeat the same process until you’ve covered the edges and finish off by completing the rest of your installation.

In areas where tiles are bound to get wet, make sure to leave a 2mm gap between the edge of the tile and the trim. Then grout the space to guarantee a watertight finish. To keep clean, use the same pH tile cleaner you would for standard tiles—nothing too harsh or abrasive.

For tough stains, a soft-bristled brush and some elbow grease should be enough to give tiles their exquisite shine. Marble pencil tile trim isn’t 100% non-porous so we recommend sealing after installation to guard against moisture and stains.

8. Where can I find the best pencil tile trim for sale?

Whatever your aesthetic, Apollo Tile has finishing pieces for your unique project. We are a premium online destination for vast styles of tiles and trims, and our material offerings include marble, glass, and ceramic. Not sure what will look best in your space? Give us a call or drop an email and our friendly customer service is ready to discuss your options.