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Transform Your Bathroom with Stunning Shower Floor Tiles

As a premier destination for online tile shopping, we understand that quality makes all the difference in creating the perfect shower experience. That’s why at Apollo Tile we stock a vast array of shower floor tiles for residential and commercial use. You’re guaranteed to find the best material to transform any bath area into a masterpiece—all in one convenient place.

Transform Your Bathroom with Stunning Shower Floor Tiles

As a premier destination for online tile shopping, we understand that quality makes all the difference in creating the perfect shower experience. That’s why at Apollo Tile we stock a vast array of shower floor tiles for residential and commercial use. You’re guaranteed to find the best material to transform any bath area into a masterpiece—all in one convenient place.

Why Choose Our Shower Floor Tiles

We stock 100% premium quality material to ensure a style and performance our customers will love for years. Buy online shower floor tile and enjoy its ample benefits. Superior quality, slip and water resistance, style versatility, and easy maintenance.

Explore Our Selection of Shower Floor Tiles

We set ourselves aside from the rest by providing products to suit any taste and budget. Explore our incredible selection online now and discover up-to-top materials and styles.

1. Discover a variety of materials

Whatever your spec, tile offers a stylish and practical solution for wet rooms. Choose from our premium ceramics that come in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes. Ceramic tile for shower floor offers a robust protective layer that’s easy to clean. This material is a true all-rounder that’s low-maintenance, long-lasting, and affordable.

Due to its scratch, impact, and water resistance, porcelain tile is a coveted pick. Best material for high-traffic areas and active lifestyles. Its ability to mimic the appearance of stone and wood can help you achieve the bathroom of your dreams. Shop our porcelain selection and choose from designs like Metal Black Hexagonal Matte Porcelain Tile for a modern look. Or White Matte Porcelain Wood-Look Tile for rustic farmhouse style.

Marble tiles are a sound investment for stunning and practical floors. We recommend sealing marble shower tile to enjoy decades of style. Coming in a range of sizes and shapes, designs like Honeycomb Hexagon Marble Polished and Etched Mosaic Tile and Honed Natural Stone Marble Herringbone Tile are great for pulling off a geometric look brimming with character.

Apollo Tile is your go-to source for glass shower floor tile designs. Stylish, versatile, long-lasting, and water resistant. These are the four features guaranteed. Elevate your space to the next level with our popular options including Tiffany Blue Pebble Polished and Honed Glass Mosaic Tile and Tiffany Blue Pebble Polished and Honed Glass Mosaic Tile. The iridescent quality of our glass tile reflects light, creating a sense of spaciousness in a small shower stall or powder room.

2. Choose your perfect size and shape

We carry a variety of shower floor tile sizes and shapes for all needs. Our mosaic options are usually small tiles about 1x1 inches. Choose from dainty square, penny-round, hexagon, basketweave, flower, or multishaped. Small format tiles come in sheets several inches wide to keep the design intact for installation.

The design possibilities are endless with subway tiles! Our product range include sizes 2.58x8, 3x6, 4x12, 4x16, and 11.7x13 inches. Explore our selection of small-sized squares ranging from 4x4 inches to 5.2x5.2 inches.

Choose from hexagon shapes in sizes 7.8x9, 8.1x9.25, 9.5x9.5, 9.9x9.9, and 14x14 inches. Large square and rectangular formats include 6.5x6.5, 12x12, 12x24, 12.6x24.6, 11.7x39.2, 17.7x35.4, and 11.8x47.2 inches.

With so many choices, we know picking the right size can be tricky. Our friendly online team is well-equipped and happy to help you make the right choice.

Explore a spectrum of colors and finishes

Searching for a tile color and finish to match your aesthetic? Let these choices be an inspiration for your next tiling project:

Neutral colors are simple yet sophisticated and the easiest to integrate into any décor. These light hues can brighten a room with little natural light. White shower floor tile continues to be our best-selling and most versatile color. Whether on its own or as part of a combination, white is the go-to pick for clean, minimalist interiors.

Opt for a gray tile if you desire a contemporary style you’ll never get tired of. Whether you are looking for a darker contrast or a muted vibe, this versatile hue pairs well with just about any other color.

The natural beauty of brown and creamy beige tiles lends charm that shines in any walk-in shower, big and small. A combination of the two, like our Beige and Brown Polished Natural Stone Marble/Travertine Linear Tile, can be eye-catching and elegant.

Vibrant colors offer an opportunity to pack a creative punch. Lean toward our green and blue shower floor tile for a bold statement. Options include emerald green which is both striking and captivating.

And a burst of cobalt blue that’s sure to breathe new life into your space. A muted shade of blue, like the Sky Blue Penny Round Polished Glass Mosaic Tile, emotes a sense of renewal ideal for a relaxed coastal vibe.

Dark colors add depth and drama. Whether speckled or sleek, our black shower floor tile is classic but also cutting edge.

Metallic colors are distinctive, chic, and elegant. To embrace the unexpected, look no further than our gold and silver bathroom tiles. These metallic options enrich a space with instant shine, irresistible charm, and added warmth.

Apollo Tile is proud to offer a variety of finishes. Our polished and glossy tiles combine smooth aesthetics with incredible durability. Favored by luxe hotels and spa retreats, both finishes have an opulent feel to them. Our honed and satin tiles’ modern elegance has paved the way for their recent successes. A smooth, low-sheen appearance delivers a relaxed and refined finish.

Design Inspiration and Tips

When your bathroom needs an update, shower floor tile ideas can inspire. These clever tips give you a taste of what's possible for your home or commercial space:

Create your dream shower space

With unlimited options of colors, textures, and shapes, tile is the perfect material to create a one-of-a-kind look. The key to a timeless design is to be subtle and let colors add a real touch of character. Classic shades like white, beige, and gray are great at providing a blank canvas to which you can add pops of your personality.

Our intricate mosaics are a hit and generate a stunning focal point. Glass accents feature a luminous quality that invokes a luxurious spa feel. Go for an eye-catching design like the Blue Hexagon Polished and Matte Finished Glass Mosaic Tile. Check out our new arrivals online now to get started on your project today.

Tile layouts and patterns

Different tile layouts and patterns make choosing your style so much fun! Here’s what we have in store:

Herringbone pattern is an elegant but graphic way to install large and small rectangular tiles. The layout is achieved by laying tiles at a 45-degree to one another. You’ll love how it visually expands floor space and elevates the room’s appeal.

Subway tiles deliver an understated elegance that can be customized to your distinct taste. This time-tested design can be laid in a stacked or staggered pattern.

Multishaped tiles are a testament to the artistry of stunning and unique interiors. Laid on shower floors, they make a big impression and add a sense of individuality.

Basketweave pattern earned its name because of the over-under stitching motion. Perfect for a distinct modern, geometric finish.

Mosaic shower floor tile is available in square, penny round, and hexagon. These shapes are a mainstay in bathroom design and add captivating splendor.

Hexagon tiles are the epitome of modern sophistication. Arranging tile this way delivers visual harmony suited for any bathroom style.

Expert advice for your project

Begin your journey with us and experience the quality, diversity, and customer service that sets Apollo Tile apart. Find material that captures your unique style and blends beauty and superior performance. Request tile sample to get a truer sense of quality and aesthetics firsthand. Our team is at your service, ready to help you navigate the process of picking the best product for your project.

Installation and Maintenance

We recommend working with a licensed installer to achieve a professional finish. Application requires the right preparation and tools for the best result.

Make sure the floor has been stripped, leveled out, and cleaned. Start by placing the tiles in the center of the floor. Then lay them outward in a circular or square pattern.

Apply shower floor tile mortar as you progress to prevent it from drying up. Place the tile, apply firm pressure, and use spacers along each edge. To cut tile, we recommend a wet saw with a diamond blade.

Once your tiles have dried, fill grout lines and wipe excess from the surface using a wet sponge. Sealing grout lines helps preserve its original color and minimizes the need for heavy cleaning.

Initial cleaning needs special attention to get off any invisible building residue such as grout haze. For regular cleaning, stick to a PH-neutral tile cleaner and water.

Get Started on Your Tile Project

Transform your home or business into the vision you've been dreaming of with Apollo Tile. We take immense pride in helping you make the best decision for your project. Our professional and attentive approach means your investment in quality tiles will always be protected. Call us today and our friendly customer service will assist with further product details.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Tile for Shower Floors

1. Can I order shower floor tile samples?

Yes! We encourage you to order a sample to get the best visual idea of how the tile will appear in your space. We offer an order quantity of 2 samples max of the same tile. Trade professionals requiring a couple of samples can create a PRO Member account.

2. Does my shower tile have to match my bathroom tile?

This will depend on your desired aesthetic but floor and wall don’t have to be the same. Using the same tile offers a cohesive finish but contrast can add a touch of definition. Many individuals prefer to switch things up with unique tiles for each surface.

3. How long will my shower tiles last?

With proper installation and upkeep, materials like porcelain and ceramic can last decades. For marble shower floors, sealing during and after application is imperative for long life.

4. What is the best tile for shower floors?

The best material for shower floors is water-resistant, attractive, and easy to clean. At Apollo Tile, our offerings are vast and guarantee superior performance.

5. Which color tile is best for the bathroom?

Neutral colors continue to be a popular choice for bathrooms. They offer a clean, versatile backdrop that complements a range of design genres. That said, shower floor tile trends are leaning toward bold colors for lasting panache.

6. Should I seal my shower floor tile?

Porous materials, like marble, must be sealed for extra protection. While not necessary for porcelain and ceramic, a grout protector will ensure your project stays clean and beautiful for years.

7. Is matte or glossy tile better for shower floors?

Glossy tiles look beautiful but flooring in wet areas is safer with a matte finish. If you’re set on something shiny, opt for glass mosaics. Many grout lines offer positive traction. For this reason, designs like Tiffany Blue Pebble Polished and Honed Glass Mosaic can be used as pool tile.

8. Should I match grout and tile color?

This is somewhat a matter of personal preference. To create a continuous visual, matching grout to tile color is ideal. To highlight the tile’s aesthetic more, a darker grout color can provide the contrast you need.