From Classic to Contemporary: Designing with Hexagon Tiles

Hexagon tiles are seriously versatile. You can’t go wrong whether you’re choosing a marble tile version or something more modern, like a glass mosaic tile. They can fit seamlessly into nearly any home design - from classic to contemporary. Today, we will be going through and spotlighting the various hexagon tiles for each type of home.

For Classic Interiors:

If you gravitate more towards classically styled interiors, there are a plethora of hexagon tiles to fit your fancy.

Of course, when you first think about hex tiles, you think modern, sleek interiors; however, this is not the only use case. There are so many more options that can perfectly flow in your more classic, traditional home.

Here are some different options that can work:

Marble Hexagon Tiles

Of course, this is the first on our list! Marble is, hands-down, the most lux material out there, and it’s also one of the most classic. Hexagon marble tiles can come in a mosaic format, large or standard size. Place these on the walls or floors in your living room, bathroom, or mudroom, and wow everyone.

Try Terracotta Tiles

Hexagon tiles in a terracotta color are literally a perfect match for warm, neutral interiors. If your home is on the side of Mediterranean classic, these hex tiles are calling your name. Imagine the beauty of a reddish clay hex tile grazing the floors of your laundry room or accenting a wall in your powder room. Just divine!

Stone Mosaic Tiles

Clearly, when it comes to classic, natural materials have our hearts. The same goes for the all-time traditional tile choice – stone mosaics. These beautiful, often varied, stone tile offerings work just as well as a fireplace tiles design in the kitchen as they do a shower wall tile design. What’s more, the natural traction can make them a stand-out choice for the floors of your abode.

For Contemporary Interiors

More of a contemporary design lover? Well, you’re in luck! Hexagon tiles live and breathe for these types of homes. Whether it’s an all white kitchen or an industrial-inspired apartment living room in a city, hex tiles can deliver results.

Let’s go through some of the perfect options you have hex tiles in a more seamless, minimalist design style:

Metallic Hexagon Tiles.

Nothing is more modern than a touch of metal; This holds true for hexagon tiles, too. If you crave a modern or contemporary design in your kitchen, choose a copper hex mosaic tile backsplash design. More towards the cooler tones? Tap into a silver mosaic hex tile. Whatever the tone of your space, we’re positive these will elevate your look.

Matte Hexagon Tiles.

Whether you go for a glass hex tile or a hexagon porcelain tile, the matte finish is always going to be the most modernized one to choose. Why? It’s clean, sleek, and seamless. You can use matte finishes on the floors in a bathroom to add a little traction. Alternatively, you can make a standout entryway design with accent wall tiles. A bold choice would be mixing white and black matte hex tiles together for a truly unique design.

Color Block Mosaic Hex Tiles.

What’s more contemporary than a bit of color? If you really want to make a splash, go for a multicolor mosaic tile. These will automatically spruce up any kitchen backsplash, powder room wall, or laundry room floor. There are plenty of ready-made color block mosaic tiles out there for you to choose from, too, making it easy!

Find Your Style, Find Your Hex Tile

Once you define your interior style, you can pinpoint the right hexagon tiles for your home. Don’t rush it. Sit with your interior design goals and then work towards choosing a tile that will withstand the test of time.

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