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Elevate your Space with Classic Penny Round Tile

Stylish, versatile, and classic, penny tile designs captivate with a bold and graphic impact. Within our stunning range, we offer an assortment ideal for shower floors, backsplashes, accent walls, fireplace surrounds, stairs, pool design, and so much more! Shop gorgeous penny round floor tiles and wall tiles and save 5% when you sign up for our newsletter today!

Bringing you the best quality at pocket-friendly prices is where we excellent! Plus, we remove the stress out of shopping online with one convenient solution—tile samples! Choose your tile, add to cart, check out, and you’ll have a sample to help plan your design direction. It’s that simple!

Shop Stylish, Versatile, and Durable Penny Mosaics with Apollo Tile

Our penny round mosaic tiles are surging in popularity and show no sign of slowing down! Offering a myriad of passionate color choices, these classic wall coverings elevate any room with style and panache.

Whether investing in a new commercial space, remodeling a dated kitchen, or adding flair to a small powder room, choosing a classic mosaic design increases the aesthetic value of your property. Available in beige, brown, gold, black, white, and blue, the design possibilities are endless! Browse our selection now and start creating the space you have always envisioned.

Discover the Best Material for your Unique Project

Classic and modern all at once, there’s nothing more enchanting than penny round tiles. We have everything from timeless ceramic to striking metal and luxurious marble to iridescent glass.

Clad your walls and floors in material that is durable, hardwearing, hygienic, stain- and water-resistant, and easy to clean. Browse our small but perfectly curated selection now and add a magical touch to your home or business environment.

Style Tips and Inspiration for Every Kind of Space

The diversity in color and finish makes our round mosaics the go-to tiles for customizing the indoors and outdoors according to your tastes and needs.

Chic round tiles lend a touch of luxury to backsplashes in kitchens, mudrooms, restaurants, cafes, and any other spot where enhanced practicality is paramount. Turn your bathroom into a centerpiece with a whimsical penny tile shower floor full of personality.

Add an understated flourish with a captivating accent wall or a stunning fireplace surround. Choose a complementing grout color for a cohesive look or a contrasting hue to make these little gems pop.

Porcelain penny tile designs like Cirkel 0.75 in. x 0.75 in. Matte Blue Porcelain Penny Round Wall and Floor Tile are even more fabulous. These dainty pieces will spruce up your patio, alfresco dining area, and pool design with a touch of charm and individuality. Whatever your design aspiration, consider Apollo Tile as your premium online shopping destination for all things tiles!

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At Apollo Tile, we take great pride in bringing you the best quality products for interior design projects in homes, commercial spaces, leisure and wellness facilities, and more! Explore our selection and immerse yourself in surface coverings of every kind at the most competitive prices.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I install round mosaics?

Our dainty round tiles come fixed on mesh sheets for easy and quick installation. The first step is to prepare the surface on which the mosaics are to be laid. To do this, clean the subfloor or base and ensure it is sound, level, smooth, and free of dust.

Measure and mark the area you wish to tile to see if any cuttings will be needed to complete installation. This is also the time to envision your layout before attaching the tiles. Use a trowel to scoop and apply an even layer of adhesive. Place the first mosaic sheet and press it into the adhesive to the correct level.

Complete the first row, using a level to keep installation straight. Lay the rest of your tiles and make the necessary cuttings to fit around any obstacles. We recommend using a wet saw or a tile cutter.

If you are tiling a backsplash or till a mid-way point on a wall, then you might need to use an edge trim. Explore our selection of the latest styles and trends of trims to create the perfect finishing touch to your installation.

Leave your new application to dry for 24 hours and move to grouting the joints between the tiles with a rubber-edged float. Clean excess grout as you work before it hardens on the tile surface. Allow grout to dry then go over the area with a damp sponge to remove dust and haze.

2. How do you cut a penny round mosaics?

A mesh-backed sheet keeps tiny pieces of penny round tiles intact to make cutting tile easy. To cut penny round tiles, tape the sheet to a flat board to keep it from moving. Mark the cutting line and use a wet saw or tile cutter to get a clean and precise cut.

3. How do I keep mosaic tiles looking their best?

Sweeping or vacuuming a mosaic floor once or twice a week and mopping weekly is enough to keep it looking its best. Similarly, wall mosaics require minimal maintenance to keep them looking vibrant and exquisite. Wipe clean with a soft cloth dampened with water containing a pH tile cleaner. Steer clear of abrasive scrubs as they can scratch and dull the tile surface.

4. Are penny round tiles suited for floor installation?

Our round mosaics are both a decorative and durable choice underfoot throughout your home and business environment. These characterful tiles require minimal upkeep and can withstand just about anything life throws at them. For example, Cirkel 0.75 in. x 0.75 in. Glossy Blue Porcelain is ideal for shower floors and high-traffic areas. Always check “Area of Use” to ensure you’re picking the right tiles for your specific needs.

5. Can I order penny round tile sample online?

Yes! Our sample service allows you to experience quality and detailing firsthand. Ordering samples online is a fantastic way to choose the right look to complement your space. We understand that choosing color, finish, and material isn’t always a breeze, that’s why our expert team is on hand to help you make the best pick.

6. Are penny flooring tiles slippery?

The many grout lines that come with installing tiny pieces of tile provide good gripping texture. So mosaic tiles do not pose a threat even on a shower floor.

7. Can I use penny mosaic tile for pool design?

Definitely! We do have options that are sure to bring a shimmery glow to your pool design. Design like Sky Blue 12 in. x 12 in. Penny Round Polished Glass Mosaic and Cirkel 0.75 in. x 0.75 in. Matte Blue Porcelain Penny Round Tiles are impervious to water, chemical-resistant, and can withstand temperature changes. These qualities make them the ideal pool tile for a stylish interior, waterline, and coping.