Choosing the Perfect Wall Tiles for Your Home: Tips and Trends

Wall tiles are an amazing way to give your home a touch of personality while adding practicality to the space. With the right tile, you can completely transform your home without the cost investment of a total makeover. At first, it may seem overwhelming to decide on the right wall tiles for your home – should you choose hexagon tiles or marble tiles? - however, after you read this quick guide, we are sure you’ll feel well-equipped for the job at hand. Below, we provide some core tips and tricks to make sure that you have a successful outcome.

Get to Know the Space, First.

The first step is understanding the room where you’ll install the wall tiles. Knowing this will inevitable help you figure out the right material to choose from. Why? Each tile material has its own strengths and weaknesses. So, of course, it is important to familiarize yourself with them before diving into the designing.

  • First impressions Meet Function: Whether it’s your entryway, laundry room, or mudroom, you should opt for porcelain wall tiles. These tiles require minimal maintenance and have high durability. Plus, there’s a whole host of design options which help give guests a personalized experience when entering your home.
  • Shower time?: Choose something like ceramic tiles or glass mosaic tiles for your shower walls. Why? They are water-resistant and non-porous, which are ideal for these high-moisture environments. Also, lower upkeep – bonus!
  • Cooking? Think of Kitchen Backsplashes: There's a broader range of materials (stone or porcelain!), styles (mosaics!), and finishes (gloss, matte) available depending on your desired aesthetic. A great tip if you’re into a long-lasting design is to choose a subway tile – there are plenty of colors to choose from, and they transition well.

Embrace the Power of Design:

Now that your space is identified, here comes the fun part: Choosing the tile! There are way too many options for us to cover in this article, so we chose some trending and classics below for you.

  • 2024 Approved Tiles – Natural Looking. Wood, stone, and textured tiles are scorching right now. They give an earthy, warm vibe that works well if you’re after a spa-like retreat in a bathroom or a cozy feel in a farmhouse-style living room.
  • Statement Patterns. Adding some tile to a single wall is a great way to add visual interest and personality to any space. Think geometric pattern tiles, intricate mosaics, 3-D tiles, or fabric-look tiles to make a big visual statement.
  • Subway Tiles. As mentioned earlier, this design is a chameleon in the home. They have stayed strong almost without stopping since the turn of the 20th century. Whatever room in whatever style, subway tiles by themselves or with other tile shapes complement nearly anything.

After Defining and Designing, Keep a Few Things In Mind.

Now that the functional steps are covered, it’s time to consult a list of must-dos before hitting ‘check out.’

You should order a few tile samples of your favorites. This will allow you to see the tile in person and understand how it will fit within the design scheme of your room or home. Trust us, it is vital.

The other thing you should do at this point is consider grout. This is the stuff that goes between your tiles – like the glue that has it all stick together. Grout will not only add to your design, it will define it.

Last thing to know – Always consult a pro when you’re at a loss. They are happy to guide you in your tile choice and steer you in the right direction.

Wrapping Up Wall Tiles for Your Home:

Selecting the perfect wall tiles is about balancing practicality and personal style. By heeding the tips and trends above, you can gain the confidence you need to embark on your journey and complete your space, creating a decision that best reflects your tastes and the overall functionality of your home. Remember, there are no “right” or “wrong” answers – the perfect wall tile is the one that sings to your personality and resonates within your heart’s vision.

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