Summer 2023 Tile Trends

Nov 19, 2023

While summer is halfway through, for those seeking to give your home a refreshing update before it ends should keep in mind the hottest tile trends of 2023! From statement-making geometric patterns that add a modern twist to classic designs, to tiles that mimic natural elements like wood or marble, this summer is all about unleashing your creativity and embracing the beauty of your living spaces. The possibilities are endless!

In this article, we're going to take you on a tile-tastic adventure through the top tile trends for summer 2023, giving you all the reasons why each tile is absolutely perfect for the season. Get ready to be inspired, because we've got some serious tile magic coming your way!

1. Metal Tiles: Embrace Captivating Shine

Catch a glimpse of a breathtaking sunset or feel the gentle embrace of golden rays on a blissful summer day with metal tiles. By introducing metal tiles, you'll infuse your living spaces with a sense of luxury and charm that truly captures the essence of the season.

But here's where the magic happens – the inviting color of these metal tiles, like our Bronze Matte Metal Basketweave Tile, reflects sunlight beautifully. It's like having your own sunshine-filled oasis indoors!

As natural light dances upon the surface, the copper tones come alive, filling each corner of your home with a cozy and welcoming ambiance. Picture that warm glow enveloping your living room, kitchen, or even your bathroom, creating a space that exudes comfort and relaxation. It's the perfect setting to enjoy lazy summer mornings or entertain guests with style.

Metal basketweave tiles
Light Sea Green 11.8 in. x 11.8 in. Polished Glass Mosaic Tile

2. Nature-Inspired Colors: Find Harmony and Wellness in Your Home

Incorporating nature-inspired colors into your home is a key trend for summer 2023 tiles.

Green, the color of harmony and balance, brings a sense of peace and tranquility to any space. Adding splashes of green to your decor brings the outdoors in and creates a soothing atmosphere.

See for yourself the visual allure of green tiles by basking in the invigorating bathroom sink made possible by our Light Sea Green Polished Glass Mosaic Tile. Not only does it adds a refreshing touch to the bathroom sink above, but our Light Sea Green Polished Glass Mosaic Tile is also eco-friendly and sustainably sourced.

Another nature-inspired tile color is pink. Light shades of pink, reminiscent of enchanting hues of sunrise and sunset, infuse your home with an irresistible energy that instantly puts a smile on your face. Every glimpse of these tiles will transport you to a carefree summer paradise, inviting you to let loose, embrace your inner child, and create unforgettable memories.

Soft Pink 5.2 in. x 5.2 in. Polished Ceramic Subway Tile
Gray 11.8 in. x 11.8 in. Linear Glass Mosaic Floor and Wall Tile

3. Textured Tiles: Add Depth and Dimension to Your Space

Texture is the name of the game in the summer of 2023. Textured tiles are taking center stage, offering a unique alternative to traditional smooth finishes. From subtle patterns to bold three-dimensional designs, textured tiles bring depth and dimension to any room. They create visually captivating feature walls, shower enclosures, and backsplashes, making a bold statement in your home.

The growing desire for authenticity and a connection with nature is reflected in our very own Gray Linear Glass Mosaic Tile. These tiles don't shy away from bumps and grooves - instead, they celebrate them. Each piece is a work of art, with its unique pattern and texture that celebrates the raw beauty of the natural world.

But that's not all, the textured surface plus the gray tones of these tiles also create a cool, refreshing atmosphere perfect for the upcoming hot summer days. The tactile appeal of these tiles is unmatched and will keep you feeling crisp all summer long.

4. Bold Natural Stone: The Perfect Blend of Elegance and Longevity

In summer 2023, bold natural stone tiles are stealing the limelight with their elegant appearance and flexible properties. These versatile tiles come in a range of shades, effortlessly complementing any color scheme. Whether used indoors or outdoors (another trend is indoor-outdoor tiles!), natural stone tiles create a seamless flow between living spaces.

They're made from raw, natural materials that have stood the test of time, so you can feel secure knowing that you're investing in a durable product that won't need replacing any time soon. Just look at the effortless appearance of the quartz and glass tile mosaic backsplash above – It's a win-win for summer and beyond!

Brown and Gray 11.8 in. x 11.8 in. Polished and Textured Quartz and Glass Mosaic Tile
Beige, Brown and White 11.8 in. x 11.8 in. Polished Mother of Pearl Checker Board Wall Mosaic Tile

5. Checkerboard Tiles: Make a Bold and Playful Statement

Checkerboard tiles are making waves in the summer 2023 with their bold and eye-catching patterns. This timeless design is being reimagined in new and exciting ways, breaking free from the traditional black-and-white color scheme.

Picture squares in vibrant, jaw-dropping colors that are sure to make a statement. It's like a playful explosion of creativity right in the heart of your space, bringing a burst of energy and fun to every room.

But it's not just about aesthetics. Checkerboard tiles have a way of whisking you away from the digital age and immersing you in a world of nostalgia and craftsmanship. They evoke memories of simpler times, when time was spent on things that truly mattered. It's a sweet relief from the hustle and bustle of today's fast-paced world.

6. Floral Tiles: Infuse Your Space with Muted Intricacy

Summer and flowers are the perfect duo! But let's step away from the traditional and talk about nature inspired floral tiles. Trust us, these tiles are not just your ordinary decorative pieces.

So what makes these tiles stand out? Not their vibrant colors or even the way they brighten up your kitchen or bathroom. No, these tiles are all about intricacy— the detailing on each tile is so precise that you can't help but marvel at the craftsmanship. And when they come together to form a cohesive design, the result is simply breathtaking.

Plus the thing about flowers is that they're fleeting. You can't keep them forever - it's just not how nature works. But with these tiles? You can have a little bit of summer all year round.

Gray and White 10.7 in. x 12.0 in. Floral Polished Marble Mosaic Tile
White and Gray 11 in. x 11 in. River Pebbles Polished Marble Mosaic Tile

7. Indoor-Outdoor Mosaic Tiles: Create Artful and Relevant Designs

Ah, mosaic tiles – the perfect way to give your home a summer facelift. These versatile and durable tiles are here to add a burst of creativity to your indoor-outdoor space. With a smorgasbord of shapes, sizes, and materials to choose from, the possibilities are as endless as the summer days!

Let's talk about designs. Mosaic tiles give you the freedom to create visually stunning patterns that are bound to impress. From sleek geometric layouts that will leave your guests in awe, to intricate images that showcase your attention to detail, or even custom designs that celebrate your individuality, mosaics achieve it.

This is why they are such great options when it comes to making an indoor-outdoor design. Use one mosaic tile as a kitchen backsplash and then use that same tile as a pool tile! Story arch complete!

8. Large Format Tiles: Create a Clean and Expansive Look

It's time to bring that fresh and contemporary look into your home with large-format tiles. Why settle for a cramped and claustrophobic space when you can create an illusion of grandeur?

These tiles are like superheroes that can magically make your room appear larger and more expansive, giving you that extra boost of confidence as you strut through your stylish domain.

You can also finally say goodbye to pesky grout lines that interrupt the flow of your design. With minimal grout lines, your walls and floors will become as smooth and seamless as a swan gliding across a shimmering lake.

Now, we all know that summer is all about living life to the fullest, and who has time for endless cleaning and maintenance? Not you, of course!

Large-format tiles are here to save the day. With their easy upkeep and versatility, they're ideal for busy homeowners who want to spend more time sipping margaritas by the pool than scrubbing floors. Just a quick wipe here and there, and you're good to go. Now, that's what we call winning at summer living!

Bone White 11.4-in W x 39.3-in L Best Matte Ceramic Deco Wall and Floor Tile

Wrapping Up Summer 2023 Tile Trends

Get ready to embrace the vibrant and stylish tile trends of summer 2023. From textured tiles that ooze bright summer charm to indoor-outdoor approved mosaic tiles that add depth and dimension, every trend has something unique to offer.

Remember, summer 2023 is all about expressing yourself and creating a space that reflects your personality. So, let's put those tiles to work and turn them into your very own canvas. Explore all tiles today!

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