Revamp Your Space: 20 Modern Kitchen Backsplash Trends Unveiled

Brainstorming through backsplash tile ideas can add greater panache to your space. Tiles offer countless styles that make a huge impact no matter the look, but these modern kitchen backsplash trends will make you swoon!

1. Embrace bold mosaics

Mosaic backsplash tiles are always a fabulous idea! A bold color and striking pattern add a lively punch to a muted setting.

2. Go big or go home

For a seamless appearance that enhances the illusion of spaciousness, go with large-format tiles. The “more tile, less grout” approach draws the eye to the sheer beauty of the tile itself.

3. Add a touch of sparkle

You don’t need to rely on color to make a statement. Metal backsplash tiles are a chic and glam way to infuse striking depth and mesmerizing sparkle.

4. Revel in marble splendor

Marble tiles boast exquisite allure that plays nicely with any interior aesthetic. Go for bold and pronounced veining for an even more captivating look.

5. Let subway tile pop

Sure, subway tiles are a tried-and-true statement, but it’s the bold hues and varying sizes popping up everywhere that truly get us. This new twist on a classic design won’t fail to impress.

6. Elevate with handmade elegance

Inspired by the artistry of Moroccan Zellige, handmade look tiles bring rustic elegance to your kitchen. They’re packed with flaws and timeworn charm that evoke a cozy sense of sanctuary.

7. Create interest with herringbone

The effect of laying rectangular tile in a herringbone pattern is everything your kitchen could ever ask for. Lively. Interesting. Timeless.

8. Warm it up with wood-look planks

Wood adds the perfect amount of enduring beauty, natural warmth, and patina. For a beautiful statement that’s durable, long-lasting, and easy to care for, go with wood-look tiles.

9. Charm with onyx stone

Your kitchen backsplash will become instantly bold and daring with sophisticated onyx-look tile. It has all the appeal of the real thing plus the superior performance of porcelain.

10. Enhance space with glass

Allow rich-hued glass mosaic backsplash tile to add a refined touch to your space. Its reflective surface will catch and bounce light around to create a brighter feel.

11. Be daring with black

Black tiles are exactly the kind of wall coverings needed for a show-stopping backsplash. They can be anything you want them to be: regal, dramatic, or moody.

12. Inject visual rhythm with florals

A floral mosaic tile backsplash is a lovely way to infuse personality, color, and texture - but also a sense of visual rhythm and harmony.

13. Add dimension with stone

Stone-inspired tiles transcend fleeting design trends. They have the best texture and the natural variation in color infuses plenty of character. Qualities your kitchen scheme would appreciate!

14. Make a speckled statement

Terrazzo-look tiles are a head-turner. Their distinctive shards are certainly an eye-catcher and will enliven your space with a hint of finesse.

15. Add flair with penny mosaics

From warm copper to soothing white, penny round mosaic tile is a true definition of “small but mighty”. They appear both classic and contemporary and can be bold, subtle, or shimmery.

16. Keep it pristine with white

Simple and pristine, white backsplash tiles are the ultimate in classic kitchen design. They make for a perfect backdrop but can also hold their own.

17. Juxtapose with stone and glass

Mixed-material tiles are an interesting way to create a striking contrast. Stone and glass make a lovely pairing that guarantees an unrivaled level of sophistication.

18. Create decadent moments with gold

Gold mosaic tiles take luxury one step further with a dazzling touch that isn’t at all overbearing or ostentatious. They will add visual intrigue and leave your guests in awe!

19. Opt for DIY-friendly peel-and-stick

Easy-to-install peel and stick tiles are an affordable way to give your kitchen backsplash a refresh. No grout or expensive tools needed - just stunning stick-on tiles to steal the show!

20. Give classic hex a new twist

A dose of spunky style in a standout shape can be all you need to awaken an otherwise quiet scheme. Picket ceramic tile, with its strong visual lines, gives classic hex a contemporary twist.

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