Innovative Ways to Use Hexagon Tile in Your Home Décor

Mar 29, 2024

Spicing up your home decor? You definitely wouldn’t want to miss including hexagon tiles in your designs. Edgy yet classic, these six-sided beauties are busting out of the bathroom and kitchen to dazzle in all corners of the home. Buckle up, and let’s explore the new ways to bring the charm of hex tiles into your space!

Classic Floor & Wall Applications

Hexagons are a designer’s friend for a good reason. They’ve got a shape that doesn’t age, kind of like a good pair of jeans. Put them on your floors and walls, and you’ve got yourself a honeycomb pattern that’s got that forever-stylish factor. They just work, whether you’re going for grand and bold or cozy and subtle.

Hexagon tiles come in all sorts of sizes, colors, and finishes, so there is sure to be a hex tile to fit your style. Try going big with size but neutral with color for a modern edge. And if you’re about the modern-meets-rustic life, pick a tile that looks like wood or stone.

Thinking DIY? Even if you’re not the handiest, those mesh-backed tiles are a big help. They usually come all set in the perfect pattern, so you can lay them down without breaking a sweat. It’s nice when good style comes with an easy button, right?

Beyond the Floor & Typical Wall Applications

Who says hexagon tiles are just for floors and normal walls? Think outside the box and put them in the unexpected spots. They’re like little surprises for your eyes around your house, making every nook special.

Stand-Out Walls

Want a wall that guests can’t stop staring at? Dress up an accent wall with hex tiles. This distinctive approach lends depth, texture, and a touch of whimsy to your spaces. Get adventurous with bold colors, or stay elegant with neutral shades.

Stylish Showers

Shower floors can be a snooze, but not when you roll out a carpet of hex tiles. Hexagon tiles on the shower floor add visual appeal and increase safety by providing a non-slip surface. It’s an ingenious blend of aesthetics and functionality. And there are plenty of sizes and colors to pick from!

Around the Fireplace

Fireplaces are inherently charming. Frame your fireplace with hex tiles, and this charm gets a geometric uplift that’s hard to ignore. Not only do fireplace tiles make your fireplace stand out, but it also exudes a unique, harmonic appeal.

Hexagons on Shelves

Highlight specific spaces like built-in shelves or bookcases. While these spaces are often overlooked, hexagon tiles can turn them into stunning centerpieces. With hex tiles, you can make sure these areas get the attention they deserve.

Budget-Friendly Ways to Use Hexagon Tiles

Decorating with hex tiles doesn’t mean you have to spend a lot. You can still have a stylish look without breaking the bank. Here are some smart ways to save money while still getting the cool look of hexagons.

Go for Smaller Tiles: Big Impact, Less Cost

Smaller hexagon tiles are a great choice for saving money. They cost a bit less than the bigger ones, but don’t worry—these tiles don’t compromise on aesthetics; they still look great. Even though they’re small, they can make your space really pop.

Focus on Small Areas: Add Style Where It Counts

Using hexagons in smaller areas can also save you money. Think about using them on a backsplash or a small nook. That way, you’re not buying a lot of tiles, but you still get the cool look. Just a little bit of hex tiles can go a long way.

DIY Projects: Use Your Creativity and Spare Tiles

Are there leftover tiles after the job is done? Don’t trash them! Those extra tiles can become coasters, hot pads, or even wall art. This is a fun way to keep the hexagon theme going without spending more.

Make Your Space Pop with Hexagon Tiles

Adding hexagon tiles to your design opens a new avenue of creative possibilities. From backsplash tiles to fireplace tiles, the variety of hexagon tiles you can choose is almost limitless. So why not give it a shot and add some unexpected hexagonal vibrancy to your home? With hexagons, going beyond the conventional is more than welcome!

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