Hexagon Tile Heaven: Exploring Creative Patterns and Designs

Mar 28, 2024

Hexagons never go out of style. Their multifunctional nature and richly patterned designs have become attention grabbers for designers and homeowners. The geometric perfection of hexagons is the perfect match for stonework around the fireplace, and many other areas. As such, it provides any room with a focal point that can be the main attraction and improve the home’s overall look and feel. Let’s go over these tile shapes today!

Be inspired: Creative Hexagon Tile Placements

Make a statement in your entryway or mudroom with beautiful hexagon tiles. These fun, sprightly shapes will automatically create intrigue and make guests excited to be in your home!

Fireplace Surrounds:

If you want to make fireplace surrounds more elegant and fancier, then you need to use hexagon tiles. The honeycomb shape can give a unique touch. Try using a glossy white hex tile to create a transitional space that can stand the test of time!


Hexagon tiles are a great choice when wanting to create a wow effect or showcase uniqueness in the kitchen, bathrooms, or even wet bars area. Various lay patterns can be used to make the most of the design. There’s so much to create a statement, whether it’s going monochromatic and varying the finish of the tile or mixing up complementary hex tile colors.

Accent Walls:

If you want to add some geometric accents on specific areas in the home, you can use hexagon tiles to do that! These are focal point makers; whether you choose a neutral color or something bolder, you can’t go wrong.

Shower Walls:

Why go for regular shower wall tile options when there are hexagonal tiles? Make a geo-chic splash and unleash your inner shower superstar with hexagon tiles. Consider a high gloss, high-impact glass mosaic tile. These are durable and reflective, making the shower the ultimate stage for your performance.

Choosing Your Hexagon Tile

When selecting the most appropriate hexagonal tile for your home, it is important to research on key factors such as dimensions, material, hue, and surface. Let’s break that all down further below for you!


When deciding on the size of your hexagonal coverings, consider the measurements of your area/space and what impression you want to create.


Hexagonal coverings are made from different materials, giving them unique characteristics and advantages.

  • Ceramic: Affordable, versatile, and comes in various colors and patterns but can chip or crack if heavy objects fall on them
  • Porcelain: These ones are waterproof and need very little maintenance. They are suitable for all areas, including the ones with high human traffic, like kitchens or living areas.
  • Natural Stone: These are extracted from quarries and then taken to factories, where they are changed to be used for various purposes. They are natural. Thus, each piece has a unique color, texture details, etc.
  • Metal: It brings about a contemporary feeling that makes a room look more modern than it is. They are mostly used as decorations or to highlight specific areas in a house.

Color and Finish:

When deciding on how you want your hexagon tiles to look, the color you choose and the type of finish it has are two important things to think about.

These are a few factors that can help you decide what colors and finishes will work best.

  • Color: Look for shades that will go well with the room's décor or furniture while also giving it the kind of feeling you want. For example, light shades can make a room feel more calm/open /bigger, or dark shades might add warmth and coziness.
  • Finish: The way the tile feels and looks can be changed by its finish. Some common finishes are matte, glossy, or textured. If you want a tile that looks simple, you could choose one with a matte finish. Glossy is the way to go if you like something that reflects a lot of light or looks very smooth and polished.

Find Your Perfect Hex Tile!

Hexagon tiles let people create many different patterns and styles. They can be made to look fancy or simple, modern or like they were years ago, or fun like they belong in a kid’s bathroom. These tiles can make any space special without spending too much money. Think about what size tiles will work best in your area, decide on materials like ceramic or marble, and think about which colors or finishes will look best.

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