Designing Delight: Kitchen Styling Secrets with Stunning Backsplash Tiles

Given its ever-presence in kitchens, backsplash tile serves as artistry - with immense potential to transform. It can redefine your space and set a stylish and inviting tone. From a practical standpoint, a tiled kitchen backsplash shields the wall from spills, splatters, and stains, making cleaning a breeze.

Traditionally, a backsplash runs between countertops and upper cabinets - or above the sink and range. However, today’s trend of open shelving and bare upper walls provides plenty of ways to make an impact. In this blog, we share styling tips with stunning backsplash tiles that can breathe new life into your space.

Warm up the kitchen with wood

So you have a thing for pared-down Scandi chic or farmhouse aesthetics? You’re in good company! Bring in the enduring beauty of traditional timber without the upkeep with wood-look tiles. Beautiful rich tones and natural textures are a great feature in any “cold and plain” kitchen begging for the slightest hint of warmth. Paired with warm neutrals, wood will envelop the room with comfort and a rich sense of homeliness.

Embrace glass tile in small kitchens

Small kitchens don’t have to look and feel drab. Nope! There’s a reason why glass tiles are popular. Sure, they exhibit exquisite style unaffected by changing trends. But their reflective nature has the added benefit of bouncing light around the room, creating a brighter, more spacious feel. This approach makes a lot of sense if you have a small, dimly lit kitchen or prefer a fresh ambiance with mesmerizing sparkle.

Choose neutrals for a refined look

With the focus on quiet luxury and cozy minimalism, there’s no denying that neutrals are a design triumph for all upscale kitchens. From crisp white to shades of gray, beige, and taupe, harness the power of a timeless palette to create a refined and pristine space.

Opt for white marble with pronounced veining to keep things interesting. Or, neutral mosaics that dial up on texture and shape. Should you wish to switch things up, a neutral backsplash will pair effortlessly with accent colors for a tailormade look.

Keep it interesting with subway tile

Bold, Timeless, Modern. If you’re after a stunning backsplash design that embodies all three qualities, subway tiles are a great pick. Their simplistic and versatile form has etched its place in the hall of fame for kitchen renovations. Today, punchy colors and interesting patterns make subway tile an emboldened choice for artistic expression. Whether a subtle pastel or a bold statement hue, you can add a pop of personality while maintaining a classic aesthetic.

Go geometric for a striking accent

The kitchen backsplash is the perfect spot to dabble in daring design choices. Geometric mosaic tiles come in an incredible selection of colorways, textures, and shapes. Herringbone, square, and basketweave can all create a unique and attention-grabbing look. And if you’re not risk-averse, try mix and match patterns for an even more dynamic result. The key to bringing intricate detailing into your space is to create a harmonious balance with the room’s other design accents.

Create lasting elegance with marble

Marble, a timeless classic! Known for its elegantly crafted appeal, marble tile brings enduring flair wherever it goes. It has the ability to adapt to various décor styles, bestow your backsplash with a contemporary edge, and elevate the entire kitchen with the perfect amount of class and trendiness. For a captivating focal point, marble will leave you with compliments at every turn!

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re looking to add natural warmth with a wood look or dial-up the style ante with gorgeous ceramic tile, a backsplash design lets you personalize your kitchen to its full potential. If you’re looking for beautiful ways to build up the space of your dreams, we hope these styling tips have left you feeling inspired for your next design project!

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