2024's 25 Best Shower Tile Ideas for Your Dream Bathroom Remodel

Jun 20, 2024

Today we are talking shower tile ideas! Bathrooms may be some of the smallest rooms, but size limitations do not restrict artistic expression. In fact, it’s a perfect opportunity to unleash your creativity. Walls and floors paved in stunning tiles will anchor your shower and infuse the room with charm and character.

Beyond classic white subways, there are many interesting ideas for a swoon-worthy statement. If you’re taking on a renovation and unsure what to do, we’ve amassed 25 best shower tile designs with plenty of inspiration. Plus information on key considerations when choosing tiles and how to incorporate these stylish accents.

What is the Most Popular Tile for Showers?

Ceramic, glass, and natural stone lend themselves to various shower ideas and are widely used for their durability, water resistance, and easy upkeep. They offer diverse colors, sizes, shapes, and finishes; making way for creative expression and a highly functioning space.

But no tile surpasses the durability of porcelain. It is exceptionally robust and water-resistant, making it a popular choice for a bathroom makeover. It stands strong against stains and prevents the buildup of mold without diminishing in quality.

Aesthetically, porcelain bathroom shower tile can create beautiful effects by emulating the appearance of wood, marble, and terrazzo. While it comes at a cost, its long-lasting qualities make it a worthwhile investment.

Factors to Consider Before Choosing Shower Tiles

In the pursuit of crafting a personalized bathroom retreat; functionality, safety, and beauty are key points to consider.

  • Understand material: As one of the most used spaces, waterproofing your walls and floors hinges on material. Certainly, for shower tiles, choosing a durable and water-resistant covering is crucial. Take a moment to understand the different types of tiles to make the best choice for your space and maintenance preferences.
  • Consider grip factor: For a wet environment, slip-resistant flooring matters. Polished shower floor tile ideas can be slippery when wet. In contrast, a textured or matte finish offers more traction underfoot and reduces the menace of accidents.
  • Keep size in mind: Large tiles cut down on those pesky grout lines, creating a seamless and spacious feel. Small tiles offer an intricate visual and added traction underfoot. But they do require more cleaning to keep the grout lines in a pristine state.
  • Consider your desired aesthetic: Beyond functionality, tile allows for stylish choices. Consider your space as a design playground. What color, texture, and pattern resonate with your taste? Due to their effortless adaptation to various décor styles, you’re bound to find modern shower tile ideas that complement your desired ambiance.

How to Incorporate Shower Tile Designs into Your Bathroom Remodel

These four points are great examples of simple ways to incorporate tile into your bathroom remodel:

  • Create a sense of more space with large-format porcelain, ceramic, or marble shower floor tile ideas. Bigger squares and rectangles eliminate visual disruption due to fewer grout joints.
  • Choose a bold accent color to enliven a neutral scheme. Anything from vivid to pastel to moody will inject an unexpected punch.
  • Keep it pristine and contemporary with muted neutral tiles. Neutrals are timeless and serve as the perfect backdrop for more dominant accents.
  • Use mosaics to define different areas. A mosaic “rug” design to highlight the vanity area or to create a transition to a barrier-free shower floor.

25 Best Shower Tile Ideas for Your Dream Bathroom Remodel

Now that we’ve touched base on the different ways to incorporate tile, it's time to stretch your creative imagination. These 2024 trends we’re spotlighting will inspire you to create a stylish oasis—and make even the simplest bathroom feel luxurious.

1. Tone-on-tone

Choosing wall and floor tiles of the same color but varying shades creates an interesting look that’s seamlessly complementary.

2. Graphic patterns

Have a penchant for bold geometry? Embrace your inner maximalist with striking graphic bathroom shower tile ideas.

3. Classic black and white

Whether looking for a timeless design or keeping up with the latest trends, the stark contrast of black and white tiles is classic and always in vogue.

4. Single color and pattern

With no other visually distracting color or pattern, the same style of tile throughout creates a seamless transition between different areas. How’s that for elegance and simplicity!

5. Zellige-inspired

Perfectly imperfect handmade-look ceramics mimic the beautiful craftsmanship of Moroccan zellige. Uneven edges, rippled texture, and luscious glaze create whimsical bathroom walls.

6. Lavish luxury

Richly veined large marble-look shower tile ideas never fail to impress. Just what you need to transform a functional spot into a luxurious oasis.

7. Natural warmth

The natural beauty of wood never gets old. Achieve a timeless yet rustic vibe with wood-look tiles that are stylish and highly durable.

8. Intricate penny

Penny-round tiles are having a moment and we’re here for it! Classic and modern all at once, these round beauties create a tasteful definition.

9. Mixed materials

Sometimes, unexpected combinations make a fascinating statement. Mix contrasting tiling materials to create a distinctive look tailored to your style.

10. Modern mosaics

A blend of style and function is what you get with modern shower tile ideas. On walls and floors, novel geometric mosaics are ideal for an extra dose of depth and dimension.

11. Pristine white

Transform your space into a peaceful retreat with the sophistication of white walls and floors. It’s an elegant and versatile choice that keeps things bright and accommodates your evolving style preferences.

12. Terrazzo flair

Give your bathroom makeover a little pick-me-up with terrazzo-look porcelain. The result is a touch of modernity that breaks away from the otherwise clinical feel.

13. Enchanting florals

With simple touches, such as floral mosaic shower wall ideas, your newly renovated bathroom will be an ideal place to retreat from life’s stresses.

14. Sleek white subways

Classic white subway tile is making a splash as a revered choice among 2024 trends. It’s a versatile idea that works with any décor style and pairs well with stone and wood looks.

15. Earthy textures

Think stone- and wood-effect textures. Your shower space can be the perfect palate cleanser with an inviting spa-like experience.

16. Stately 3D effect

Why work in just one dimension? 3D sculptural tiles are proof that when it comes to personalized shower wall ideas, texture is king.

17. Go big or go home

To create a feeling of spaciousness, large-format tiles are always a great idea. Wrap your shower walls and floors for a seamless, grand, and contemporary designer finish.

18. A vertical stack

One of the reasons why elongated subway tiles are among favored 2024 trends is their visual effect. Stacked vertically, they draw the eye upwards and give an impression of taller shower walls and a high bathroom ceiling.

19. Statement-making grout

Who says grout has to be white? Dial up your bathroom makeover with a colored grout that contrasts with your tilework color.

20. Fun hexagons

Forget standard squares and rectangles for a minute. This year’s design trends are all fun and dynamic. Hexagon tiles in a repeat pattern are fabulous for an eye-catching centerpiece.

21. Gray with contrast

Gray bathroom shower tile designs are timeless and always in style. Opt for squares and contrast with white to achieve a stately finish.

22. A blend of finishes

Add dimension by mixing finishes. Glossy walls and matte floors will give your space character.

23. Exotic mother of pearl

For a look that stands out from the ordinary, pearl wall tiles are sure to keep your bathroom luxurious and on-trend.

24. Soothing coastal vibe

Why travel to the beach when you can create a coastal vibe right at home? Oceanic blues and deep green tiles are all the rage.

25. Refined herringbone

Appearing both classic and modern, herringbone tile pattern is a refined choice. Amp up flat shower surrounds with an interesting sense of movement.


Whether you prefer keeping it simple with minimalist appeal or love bold colors and patterns, the bathroom is a perfect canvas to explore new design trends and push creative boundaries. If you’re planning a renovation, we bet you'll fall in love with one of these gorgeous shower tile ideas. Ultimately, the best design is one that feels personal to you and enhances the functionality of your bath space.


1. What Pattern and Texture Options are Available for Shower Tile Ideas?

Geometric shapes like basketweave, hexagon, herringbone, fan, square, and rectangle are interesting options that will add captivating depth and dimension to your shower space.

2. Can I use the same tiles for both the shower walls and floors?

Absolutely! It’s a fantastic way to create a cohesive look. Make sure your tile is approved for both wall and floor use.

3. What tile sizes and shapes are trending for shower designs in 2024?

Tiny mosaics in unique geometric shapes are favored shower tile designs. They add interesting detailing without the need for bold color. Large format tiles are also making quite a splash as design trends continue to lean toward understated elegance.

4. Can I mix different tile types in my shower design?

Pairing different tile types is an artistic statement that creates a personalized look and feel. Keep the rest of the room’s fittings fairly subtle to avoid competing elements.

5. What are some popular shower tile patterns 2024?

Herringbone and hexagon are shaking things up with this year’s design trends. They create distinct graphic detail and introduce a sense of movement.

6. What are some design ideas for small shower spaces?

Large bathroom shower tile ideas are the epitome of quiet luxury. They require fewer grout lines and lend a seamless, spacious visual impact. Dazzling glossy glass mosaics reflect light, making the room radiant, open, and airy.

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