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Experience the Beauty of Steam Room Tiles

Wellness retreats are a premium addition - offering a place to relax and enjoy blissful solitude. If you’re looking for the best place to buy online steam room tiles, you’ve come to the right place! Whether it's classic ceramic or glass mosaics you fancy, find luxurious, durable, and versatile material right here at Apollo Tile.

Our steam room wall and floor products are well-placed to meet the demands of residential and commercial use. Shop your favorite style today at better prices than you'll find elsewhere.

Experience the Beauty of Steam Room Tiles

Wellness retreats are a premium addition - offering a place to relax and enjoy blissful solitude. If you’re looking for the best place to buy online steam room tiles, you’ve come to the right place! Whether it's classic ceramic or glass mosaics you fancy, find luxurious, durable, and versatile material right here at Apollo Tile.

Our steam room wall and floor products are well-placed to meet the demands of residential and commercial use. Shop your favorite style today at better prices than you'll find elsewhere.

Order Steam Room Tiles Online from Apollo Tile

Whether remodeling or building new, unleash your space’s potential with tiles. Not only are our coverings stunning, they provide a resistant layer that protects the surface beneath. Take a look through our vast range and shop now to enjoy these benefits:

  • A myriad of colors, sizes, and shapes to suit your unique taste
  • Always in-stock products, ready for shipping and faster delivery
  • Best quality, price, and customer service from a trusted tile specialist

Discover the Best Tile Material for your Steam Room

Because of the humid temperature of a steam shower, you’ll need to think about material performance over a long period. It is worth pointing out that some tiles are rated for wall use only while others can be picked for flooring too.

Our finest ceramic, porcelain, and glass tile products deliver a quality like no other. They are perfect in most wet rooms, steam showers, saunas, and many more wellness projects. Each one of our materials brings enhanced style and practical perks.

The best tile for moisture-prone areas boasts these outstanding characteristics:

  • Safe and hygienic
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Low water absorption
  • heat and slip-resistant
  • Easy to install and clean
  • Durable and hardwearing

Trust our materials to lend an exquisite touch of bespoke luxury to a range of interior design styles. From farmhouse and contemporary to Spanish and Moroccan. Their versatility allows for custom creations that mimic the look of wood, stone, and metal. Of course, with simplified upkeep and at a fraction of the cost!

Explore the Perfect Steam Room Tile sizes

The variations in sizes are more numerous than ever, allowing you to create a truly personalized space. Choose from our small format tiles ranging from sizes 4x4 to 5.2x5.2 inches. Stunning designs like 50 pack White 4 in. x 4 in. Polished and Honed Ceramic Mosaic Tile can be used as a backsplash, steam shower floor, accent wall, and so much more.

For more precise work, our mosaics are perfect for highlighting details. Dainty chips come in mesh-backed sheets several inches wide for easier cutting and installation.

Find mosaic sheet sizes ranging from 8.5x10.8 and 11.8x11.8 to 12x12 and 11.4x12.3 inches. The limitless choices as you shop mosaic tiles open you to a world of possibilities. Craft an eye-catching wall, jazz up a steam shower bench, or create a decorative band.

Our simple, versatile, and elegantly proportioned subway tiles come in various dimensions. Find sizes 2.5x8, 3x6, 3x12, 4x12, 4x16, and 8x16 inches. Subway tiles can be stacked or staggered to create a statement that’s sure to draw the eye.

Ranging from sizes 6.5x6.5 and 14x14 to 12.6x24.6 and 24x48 inches, our range of large format tiles is designed to impress. With very few joints, they deliver a grandiose aesthetic that’s easy to clean. Large formats like White 24-in W x 48-in L Matte Porcelain Wall and Floor Tile marry sleek minimalism with natural beauty.

Unlock a Vast Choice of Colors and Finishes

Create a look that’s completely bespoke and stands out in style with our amazing range of tile colors. From fresh and vibrant to subtle and classy, we have everything you need to switch up your home and business interior. Simply choose and we’ll deliver!

Our neutral tiles, with options including white, gray, beige, brown, and black, will leave you in awe. Far from boring, a palette of subtle hues lends an air of sophistication. Think white subway tiles for a bright wall finish or black steam room tiles for a touch of drama.

Our vibrant selection is a true eye-catcher. Choose from green and blue steam room tiles to create a feeling of innate wellness. Paired with white and wood elements, these oceanic hues bring a coastal vibe that indulges all the senses.

Renowned for their elegance and charm, silver steam room tiles are highly popular among our customers. Embrace high-end design with gorgeous options like Silver 11.7 in. x 11.7 in. Polished Glass Mosaic Tile. Whether used at home, in spas, resorts, or hotels, you can rest assured of an elegance that transcends passing trends.

Our steam room tiling products are distinguished by glossy, satin, matte, and honed surfaces. Choose a glossy, glazed finish for enhanced opulence. Or the smooth, matte texture of honed and satin finish for subtle sophistication.

Elevate with Striking Tile Patterns

Explore our captivating steam room tile patterns to boost the allure of your space. Bring a striking finishing touch to a multitude of applications: walls, floors, niches, decorative strips, and so much more!

  • Geometric patterns have evolved over the years, but some classics have remained in vogue. Among our exceptional offerings are square, rectangle, penny-round, herringbone, basketweave, scallop, and hexagon. These patterns, already decorative in their own right, can take on many styles. From modern to farmhouse and coastal to Turkish-inspired steam room.
  • Subway tiles are both classic and modern. This exceptional tile style can be used on its own to distinguish between horizontal and vertical surfaces. Stack them on walls alongside each other for a clean and modern finish.
  • Multi-patterned mosaics come in a symphony of unique shapes, each with its own story to tell. Non-standard choices like Beige 11 in. x 12.7 in. Circle Polished Marble Mosaic Tile can be used to create a variety of looks. Whether your taste is bold and distinctive or subtle and understated, expect an unmatched finish.

Design Inspiration and Tips

Designed to transform the aesthetic appeal of commercial and residential projects, our top-notch steam room tile collection showcases an array of amazing options. To help you envision the potential of tile, we’ve got all the design inspiration and tips your stylish heart desires:

1. Create intracity with mosaics

If beauty is in the eye of the beholder, why not show off with mosaic tiles? The prominence of grout lines provided by small format mosaics creates textural dimension. Choose from a myriad of colors and shapes to bring vibrancy to walls and floors or create lively features. You'll love iridescent glass mosaics for their effortless ability to transform the simplest room into an oasis of luxury.

2. Trend to a natural look

There’s nothing quite like the timeless character timber adds to a space. Wood tiles, made of porcelain and ceramic, are very much on-trend. In comparison to hardwood, they provide superb long-term durability and minimal upkeep.

Designs like Ivory White 14-in W x 14-in L Matte Porcelain Hexagonal Tile lend a rustic aesthetic that will enhance the beauty of your space. Whether building a wellness retreat or upgrading your ensuite steam shower, our wood-look tiles will endure the test of time.

3. Style with large formats

Find nothing but the best large-format tiles here at Apollo Tile and experience utmost quality and craftsmanship. The expansive tile trend shows no sign of slowing down. Both ceramic and porcelain field tiles are brilliant for covering large areas with fewer pieces.

They have an appropriate anti-slip rating, able to withstand impact, and can last for ages. Versatile in style, these tiles allow for custom creations ranging from stone looks to dimensional 3D effects. One thing is for sure, your new tiles will create a streamlined interior where quality equals style and function

4. Add modernity with hexagons

Simple and fascinating, hexagon tiles bring a touch of modernity. Available in a range of beautiful colors and finishes, their understated elegance offers tons of design inspiration. From subtle and laidback to bold and dynamic! Hexagons are a popular pick for outstanding mosaic accents. But you can find large sizes that add lasting appeal.

5. Create subway wonder

Turn your steam room into a stylish retreat with stunning subway tiles. An excellent addition to customized projects, these classic coverings are transitional in design and can elevate the feel of any layout.

Our wall and floor subway collection injects a modern, traditional, chic, or urban finish, based on the surrounding environment. Are you matching floor and wall subway tiles? Are you pairing subway tiles with a different material? Do you seek a tone-on-tone look or looking to create contrast? The design possibilities are vast.

Installation and Maintenance

We want you to be happy with the finished result, so consider a professional installer with prior tiling experience. This doesn’t mean DIY installation is impossible! These tips are basic guidelines you can follow to ensure the best finish:

  1. Install steam room tiles over a leveled and stable sub-surface, free from dust and moisture. It is necessary to choose a high-quality adhesive and grout that is impermeable.
  2. Unbox tiles and dry-lay them to visualize the desired layout. Working in small areas, apply the adhesive using a notched trowel in the same direction so no air pockets are formed.
  3. Press the tiles down into the adhesive by hand or a rubber mallet. Make sure the tiles are pressed to the correct level to improve adherence. Wipe away any adhesive that gets on the tile surface before it hardens. Install a trim to provide a professional finish to the edge of the tiles.
  4. Use tile spacers to ensure uniform spacing. If cuts need to be made, use a wet tile saw with a diamond blade. Wipe the tile dry after each cut.
  5. Before installation sets, check to make sure tiles are straight. Once the adhesive is set, remove tile spacers. Use a grout float to fill the gaps between the tiles. Remove excess with a damp sponge before it has a chance to harden. If installing floor tiles, avoid foot traffic for 24 hours.
  6. Once your installation has fully dried, apply a seal to waterproof the grout and make it easier to clean. A pH-cleaner and clean water will keep installation looking its best.

Get Started on Your Tile Project

Creating a dedicated space for relaxation is easy with Apollo Tile. We put care and effort into every tile to ensure an aesthetic that can be treasured for years. Spoilt for choice and not sure which material is right for you? Feel free to shop for samples online before committing to a large order.

Professionals and DIY enthusiasts can sign up for our PRO membership to achieve remarkable project success with these exclusive benefits:

  • 10% saving on the widest selection of tiles
  • Trusted sales representatives with years of experience
  • Quick sign-up and access to your account in 24-hours
  • 24-hour priority order fulfillment to ensure you remain on time

Don’t wait — start your journey with Apollo Tile today. For more information contact us at +1-415-316-0898 or email

Frequently Asked Questions about Steam Room Tiles

1. Are tiles a good idea for steam rooms?

Our porcelain, ceramic, and glass tiles are some of the most stunning materials you can use for steam room floors and walls. Thanks to their superior making, they can withstand humidity and moisture. When shopping online, always check if your desired material is rated for steam room application. Browse our huge selection now and enjoy high-quality design.

2. How long will my steam room tile last?

Our steam room tiling products have successfully satisfied residential and commercial project requirements. This means they are superior both practicality and aesthetically. When properly cared for, they can last for decades.

3. What does marble, wood, and stone look tile mean?

These are a type of tile designed to mimic the appearance and character of the real material. We carry a variety of marble, wood, and stone look tiles made from porcelain and ceramic.

4. Do I need to seal my wood look tiles?

Unlike real timber, our wood-look tiles require no special treatment. Most are designed from porcelain, which offers superior durability. This means your installation won’t swell or warp and the tiles would be much easier to care for.

5. How realistic are wood look steam room tiles?

Thanks to high-definition technology, our ceramic and porcelain wood effect tiles are almost indistinguishable from hardwood. They simulate the beauty of timber to perfection: its grain, texture, and color.

6. Which mosaic pattern will suit my steam room walls?

Mosaics are such a versatile option with tons of colors and shapes. Browse our huge selection to pick any pattern that reflects your style. From herringbone to penny-round, they fit into any design imaginable to create a captivating space.

7. Are steam room tiles slippery when wet?

Given that steam rooms are humid and moisture-prone areas, a natural concern is how slippery and safe will your new floors be. The good news is our floor-rated steam room products feature a certified slip rating, giving you an extra grip underfoot.