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Experience the Beauty of Glossy Tiles

Nothing says sophistication quite like glossy tiles! Add a touch of brilliance to your walls, floors, backsplash, and the outdoors by shopping online now with Apollo Tile.

Choose from quality high gloss products in a myriad of materials, colors, sizes, and patterns, and give your home or business space that little sparkle without breaking the bank. Subscribe to our newsletter now and find your perfect style, plus 5% off your next order!

Experience the Beauty of Glossy Tiles

Nothing says sophistication quite like glossy tiles! Add a touch of brilliance to your walls, floors, backsplash, and the outdoors by shopping online now with Apollo Tile.

Choose from quality high gloss products in a myriad of materials, colors, sizes, and patterns, and give your home or business space that little sparkle without breaking the bank. Subscribe to our newsletter now and find your perfect style, plus 5% off your next order!

Shop Stunning Glossy Tiles with Apollo Tile

Take your residential or commercial project to new heights with our fabulous range of polished floor and wall tiles. We stock a wide selection of premium tiling products to help you create a rejuvenating bathroom, pristine kitchen, or welcoming entryway. Our versatile and durable materials bring lasting opulence to hotels, restaurants, spas, and corporate spaces.

As the name suggests, our product offerings showcase a distinctive shimmer and shine created with a glossy glaze. At Apollo Tile we know all too well how high-sheen tiles captivate the room and beautifully reflect light. Open up your small and narrow shower, powder room, hallway, or any “box room” with a breathtaking design.

Be tempted with intricate mosaic designs, timeless ceramic picks, or high-quality porcelain for a modern finish. Some of our popular glossy options include Gold 12.2 in. x 12.2 in. Polished Penny Round Glass Mosaic, Black 2.5 in. x 8 in. Polished and Honed Ceramic Subway Mosaic Tile, and Brown 11.8 in. x 11.8 in. Polished Glass Subway Mosaic Tile. These stunning choices and many more create an ambiance of luxury and sophistication.

To get a true sense of quality, feel free to order a sample online now. Reach out to us and our team will be pleased to help you select the best.

Explore Glossy Tile Material That Sparkle with Style

Step into a world of glossy perfection with unparalleled material offering enhanced style and practicality. Our stylish, hardwearing tiling products are suited for residential and commercial environments.

Glass and ceramic tiles make up the majority of our range. But a gloss finish is also offered on our natural stone and porcelain products. The exquisite and resistive quality of our gleaming selection remains a great investment for years.

Polished ceramic tile is affordable, has a consistent construction, and a non-porous quality. Best of all, it is a key design feature in most interior spaces.

Polished glass tile imparts an ethereal charm that elevates kitchen backsplashes or shower walls. It is impervious to moisture, hypoallergenic, and easy to clean.

Glossy porcelain tile is a higher-end alternative to ceramic with similar qualities and then some. Its allure is amplified by high strength and resistance to moisture, staining, and temperature changes. These outstanding features make porcelain a coveted pick for high-traffic areas and glossy pool tile design.

Explore Our Selection of High-Gloss Tiles

Looking to infuse a decorative touch that sparks conversation? Apollo Tile's glossy product offerings are the perfect solution. These beauties come in a plethora of colors, sizes, and shapes to reflect your distinct style. Let's explore!

Delve into inspiring color choices

Think about it: high-sheen tiles are like jewelry for interiors. They sparkle and shine, and come in vast hues to elevate even the simplest of spaces into something spectacular.

When it comes to making a style statement, color matters! Consider choosing tile color that complements your existing decor for a cohesive look. Or a contrasting hue for a striking effect.

Choose from our white glossy tiles for something pristine and sophisticated. A white kitchen backsplash pairs wonderfully with rustic wood tones to create farmhouse flair. To add to that, its crisp, clean look plays well with just about any color, subtle and vibrant.

Other neutral styling options include beige, brown, gray, and black glossy tiles. These make for a timeless backdrop and can define the character of your space.

Craft a captivating visual effect that instantly draws the eye with a bold color choice. Bring a coastal vibe into your bathroom design with green or blue polished tiles. The fine inclusion of orange, red, pink, or multicolor glossy tiles adds a sense of panache that goes unnoticed.

For a decidedly luxurious space rich in detail, lean to silver or gold glossy tiles. Designs like Gold 11.8 in. x 11.8 in. Polished Linear Glass Mosaic and Silver 11.8 in. x 11.8 in. Polished Glass Mosaic exudes lasting charm and character.

Discover the perfect shape and size

Our dazzling array of tile shapes is ready to confer a new dimension into your space! Whether you’re looking for a classic pattern or something more striking, we’ve got you covered.

Subway tile pattern is a classic look that lends itself to all sorts of decorating styles. Better yet, you can customize these rectangular pieces to your distinct style. Our size range includes 1.97”x7.87”, 2.5”x8”, 2.58”x7.9”, 3”x6”, 3”x12”, 4”x16”, and 8”x16”. Shake the classic subway for a fresh twist with a herringbone, offset, horizontal, or vertical pattern.

Mosaic tiles come in myriad shapes, styles, and colors. Brick, hexagon, penny-round, square, and multishaped deliver alluring geometric impact. Our dainty mosaic pieces come in sheet sizes ranging from 0.75”x0.75” to 11.6”x11.6” to 12.2”x12.2” for an easy and quick install.

Piquet tiles on offer measure 2”x10” and 1.7”x9.6” and cross-shaped tiles are 5.35”x5.35”. These unique shapes work well for taller spaces, like a shower, to add unmistakable boldness while keeping a classic feel.

The Many Uses of Glossy Floor and Wall Tiles

At Apollo Tile, we know that our customers count on quality to create spaces that inspire awe. Our shiny and shimmering products have staying power for a good reason. These tiles shining to perfection translate neatly to various applications.

From a showstopping kitchen and mudroom backsplash to a captivating shower wall, bathtub surround, and vanity backdrop. Many more applications exist with gorgeous glass, ceramic, porcelain, and natural stone!

A gloss finish captures and reflects light, adding depth and vibrancy to a small powder room or hallway. Compact spaces are a great place to experiment with bold style choices. Choose colors or patterns that create a memorable impression, and lay tile at an angle that will highlight its reflective and radiant properties.

In addition, glossy tiles for living room and entryway design mesh with every style imaginable. Versatile and timeless, they add a luminous finish to fireplace surrounds and accent walls.

Our curated outdoor selection merges the comforts of the indoors with the relaxed vibe of the outdoors. Designs like Snow White 10.8 in. x 10.8 in. Polished Kaleidoscope Glass Mosaic have a ton of flexibility. At once graphic, textural, and, colorful; it offers plenty of style inspiration to outfit the tiniest city terrace to the most spacious suburban garden.

Discover glossy pool tile that complement your landscaping style and glisten with the reflection of the water. Indeed, our porcelain and glass products have all the technical qualities needed to design a picturesque pool interior, waterline, or surround. Bring a note of cheerfulness with our popular picks: Blue 12 in. x 12 in. Penny Round Polished Glass Mosaic, Black and White 11.7 in. x 11.9 in. Hexagon Polished Glass Mosaic, and Light Blue 10.8 in. x 11.5 in. Hexagon Glass Mosaic.

The beauty of our shimmering tile extends well beyond the home. Its translucence quality redefines the elegance of offices, restaurants, hotels, gyms, spas, and any other commercial space deserving of an upgrade. Explore our incredible selection now and start crafting the space you have always envisioned!

Get Started on Your Tiling Project

As a premium online shopping destination, Apollo Tile Introduces you to high-quality and great value tiling products. With a large choice of wall, floor, and outdoor tiles this impressive, you’ll easily be inspired. Browse our selection, spot the right tile for you, and order from the comfort of your home. It’s that easy!

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Frequently Asked Questions about Glossy Wall and Floor Tiles

1. Can I order glossy tile samples?

Yes! To give you confidence before making a huge commitment, it's a great idea to order samples. Getting a true sense of quality and detailing firsthand provides valuable insights into how they will complement your interior. Feel free to reach out to our team for more information about our sample service.

2. What materials are available for polished tiles?

Our gleaming selection comes in a variety of elegant, smooth, and easy-to-maintain materials: glass, ceramic, porcelain, and natural stone. Each material offers something unique in terms of color, shape, and size. From glass mosaics to ceramic subway tile, we’ve got tiling material to suit every unique taste.

3. What are the features of glossy tiling material?

What distinguishes our glossy products is the presence of a durable, high-sheen coating. Their gorgeous silken finish bounces light around, making the room look brighter and spacious. Our polished tiles are sturdy and long-lasting. Less porous and suitable for moisture-prone areas. And require minimal upkeep and maintenance.

4. Which grout color should I choose for glossy tiles?

High-sheen material tends to catch the light, so you may want to consider grout color in lighter shades. Tile lines virtually disappear when you match or complement the two, resulting in a seamless finish. Striking the right degree of contrast, on the other hand, creates an intriguing design finish.

5. Are high-sheen tiles ideal for bathroom design?

Designs like Cirkel 0.75 in. x 0.75 in. Glossy Blue Porcelain Penny Round and White 4 in. x 4 in. Polished and Honed Ceramic Mosaic Tile are a testament to how glossy tiles complement bathroom floor and wall design. A high-sheen surface can be slippery when wet but is not dangerous to use on shower floors. Opting for mosaic flooring can provide better traction underfoot due to the many grout lines. Make sure to check “Area of Use” as some products are rated for wall application only.

6. How do I DIY Install glossy walls and floors?

Laying tile to create a look like no other is easy with a step-by-step guideline. First, ensure your substrate is sound, smooth, clean, and dry. Use a trowel to spread adhesive and level it out to expel air pockets. Spread the adhesive in small areas as you progress so it does not dry up.

Next, lay your tiles, using spacers for uniform joints. Use your hand or a rubber mallet to press tiles into the adhesive to the correct level. If tile cuts need to be made, we recommend a wet tile saw with a diamond blade for clean precision.

Allow 24 hours for the adhesive to set and then move on to filling tile joints with grout. Wait for about 15 minutes for grout to set slightly then wipe off the residue with a damp sponge. Once the grout has set, clean the tiles with a wet sponge and polish with a soft cloth.

7. How do I clean and maintain glossy walls and floors?

The cleaning process is simple. Thanks to its smooth texture, a glossy finish is easily wipeable using warm water and tile cleaner. Then rinse and dry with a clean, soft cloth for a gleaming finish. Avoid non-abrasive cleaners and tools that might scratch or scuff the surface.

8. What’s the best way to finish glossy tile edges?

Your tile edges can be given a professional finish with our trimming pieces. Some types of trim are pencil liner and bullnose with an equally glossy finish. Browse our trim tile selection to frame your edges in style with a complementing design.