Zellige Tile: Choosing the Right Style for Your Space

May 17, 2024
Zellige Tiles

Do you enjoy decorating your house with a mix of modern and classic elements?

Finding that perfect equilibrium between the old and the new can truly elevate your living space, ensuring it remains both timeless and inviting. And that's exactly where zellige tiles shine.

Inspired by the Moroccan heritage, ceramic zellige-inspired tiles combine traditional refinement with a spice of cultural charm. They bring a distinctive element to your house and evoke memories of bygone eras, as each tile radiates the artistry of Moroccan origin.

These ceramic tiles have it all - bold designs, vivid colors, and textures that entice the senses - to turn your modern homes into stylish, individualistic havens.

Prepare yourself for an exciting journey of visual improvement with zellige tile ideas - it's time to unleash your inner artist!

Diving into the Zellige Tile Trend

What makes the Zellige tile so popular? In a world where monotony is mass-produced, Zellige shines as a symbol of uniqueness and authenticity.

Variation in Zellige tile tells a story of ancient craftsmanship, satisfying our craving for narrative in design.

The distinct color and texture differences of these eye-catching tiles are embraced as proof of its artistic provenance rather than being seen as defects. The distinctive beauty of tiles lies in the fact that no two are alike.

Zellige Tiles
Zellige Tiles

The Evolution of Zellige Tile in Design

For many years, zellige tile has been used in Morocco and its adjacent countries to decorate park seats, walls, and floor designs. But these timeless hand-made Moroccan tiles have undergone some evolution to accommodate modern design sensibilities.

The current zellige tile style mostly adheres to a monochrome aesthetic, selecting tiles in a single, often harmonious form and color. However, these eye-catching tiles offer versatility, available in a myriad of colors, shapes and sizes.

Now let's look at how to get the perfect zellige tile to add a pop of individuality and appealing charm to your living space.

Redefine the Kitchen Subway Tile Trend

A beloved but definitely overdone subway tile backsplash can be elevated with Zellige tiles. Update a kitchen backsplash area quickly while preserving all the greatest traditional features with ceramic Zellige tiles in your home.

Elevate your subway tile installation with the timeless charm of black Zellige tiles. Bold colors will help transform your kitchen backsplash area into a captivating focal point by adding extra depth. Experiment with unique patterns behind your stove to provide an additional degree of visual intrigue.

Zellige Tiles
Zellige Tiles

Break the Chill with Zellige Tiles

Zellige tiles let you discover the calming beauty of neutral hues like white and gray in a way that transcends conventional design. Their uneven surface and color variation tile breaks away from the coldness of tile installations, ensuring that even in neutral palettes, your floors and walls feels inviting and alive.

Imagine the clean feeling of white vanity backsplash tile bringing life to a peaceful minimalist bathroom setting. How about a modern living room where a stylish fireplace tile surround becomes the heart of gatherings? Mixing different sizes of the same color tile can add flare and give your neutral design an even more interesting texture!

Splash-Proof Style in Wet Rooms

With the contemporary style of zellige tiles, you can completely change the look of your walls without having to settle with boring wallpaper. Are you prepared to accept a chic solution that withstands wetness and the test of time in wet spaces thanks to their ceramic resilience?

We love transforming spaces with a vibrant burst of color through zellige tile installation.

Incorporating colorful tiles like olive green, navy blue, or soft pink to infuse an organic finish onto an accent wall will breathe life into any room that feels lackluster.

Zellige Tiles
Zellige Tiles

Zellige Tiles for Creative Accent Areas

Have you ever wanted to give the accent places in your house a dash of creative flair? Imagine a peaceful shower alcove or a work area with a motivational feature wall. Could zellige tiles be the solution to your ideal space?

Imagine a warm nook of a coffee shop decorated with charming zellige tiles. Light reflecting off of their uneven surfaces and revealing pastel pink tones... These timeless and classic square tiles, whether for the walls or the floor, may easily transform a dull corner into an imaginative, creative area.

Grout Matters: Enhancing Your Zellige Tile Installation

Did you know that the method used to place zellige tiles in Moroccan architecture is often concrete bonding which produces the distinctive gray seams? Gray grout is a great way to capture the authentic Moroccan-style grout appearance between tiles.

Considering more grout options for your zellige tile installation? Remember that matching grout provides a seamless finish and maintains a cohesive look. However, contrasting your grout color always allows the individuality of each tile to shine, adding depth and visual interest to your zellige tile installation.

Zellige Tiles
Zellige Tiles

Enhance Your Oasis with Pattern and Color

In wet rooms, experiment with bold hues like teal green and blue for a nature-inspired experience. Additionally, you can use subway tiles to create one-of-a-kind designs that express your personal style by laying them in a basketweave or chevron pattern.

And don’t forget the bonus: Zellige tiles are fantastic for improving stability and safety in wet floor situations because their uneven surface adds texture and grip. A stylish way to add peace of mind to your everyday routine!

Discover a Fresh Twist: Zellige Tiles in Picket Pattern

Looking to add a unique touch to your space? Consider zellige tiles in a picket pattern as a fresh alternative to the classic subway tile ideas. With the ageless allure and handmade attractiveness of zellige tiles, your design may soar beyond the commonplace.

When installed vertically as a backsplash in your kitchen or bathroom, these picket tiles give the impression of longer walls - perfect to infuse whatever place they grace with a feeling of artistry. This optical trick works particularly well for giving the impression of more space and coziness to small baths, narrow rooms, entryways, and other spaces.

Zellige Tiles
Zellige Tiles

Exploring Dynamic Designs: Mixing Square and Subway Tiles

Do you want to add some excitement to your room? Why not use subway and square tiles in a dynamic way to add diversity to surfaces? You may create a visually captivating arrangement that gives your walls and floors depth and dimension by combining two different tile shapes.

It is not necessary to use a separate color to provide another layer of interest on your surfaces. Use of both tiles in the same color works well for monochromatic or minimalist design environments that require a little polish.


Let's conclude by considering the extraordinary allure of zellige tiles. The beauty of zellige tile textures gives a natural touch and fills the room with warmth and character. With options ranging from textured, glazed or matte finishes, you have the opportunity to choose the perfect look that suits the ambiance of your space.

From walls to floors, these tiles may be used in a busy office or a comfortable home. Perfect way to provide a touch of handmade beauty to any space, the ageless appeal of zellige tiles is your chance to create something genuinely exceptional in your space.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Got questions? Here's a helpful guide to commonly asked queries about zellige tiles!

1. My Zellige tiles have variation in color and surface. Are they damaged?

You can be confident that this is not a tile flaw. It’s the characteristics of Zellige - which gives it the handcrafted uniquely for your space once installed.

2. How should I be cleaning my tiles?

Keeping our ceramic tiles clean is a breeze. Opt for a pH-neutral cleaner - nothing acidic or harsh like bleach. To be safe, stick to warm, soapy water for the best results.

3. Where can I use these tiles?

The variety of color and design of tiles make them ideal for decorative accents in residential and commercial projects, including backsplashes, bathroom walls, fireplace surrounds, and more. Check the approved application areas of each specific tile to ensure suitability for your intended use.

4. Can I use them for outdoor projects?

For our ceramic zellige tiles outdoors are not recommended.

If you need assistance in selecting the ideal zellige tile for your next project, don't hesitate to reach out - our team is here to help you bring your vision to life!

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